Saturday, 7 April 2012

All quiet on the sunny front !!

right so i was just getting use to baring my legs ( sunburn in march..crazy times!!)) and no sooner had i unpacked my summer things from the loft then it was back on with the polo necks and the thick tights.. which if I'm being honest is fine with me.. i absolutely love the sunshine and hot weather but its so much easier covering up there is zero preparation involved isn't there.. its to time consuming when the sun is out from thinking of what to put on, to painting the toe nails that haven't been spotted since last year!!..
anyway before i gross you out with tales of toe nails and hairy legs .. to late i said it !! i thought as the sun definitely has gone in behind those clouds and doesn't show signs of coming out id post a few bright and cheery pictures of some of the things I've bought over the past few weeks!!

i got this set of cocktail forks off ebay for 99p.i think they are so cute and i love all the different colours that they came in ..they need to be used at a small soiree i think with pickled onion and cheese canapes!!

i keep them in a tiny jug on the dresser in the kitchen and they do make me smile seeing the pretty colours

i got these lovely glass bowls from IKEA they were really quite cheap, i use them as tea light holders but i may go back and get some more, as they are really pretty

heres a close up of one of the tulips that the hubby bought me this week...ive never seen this
type before..its got a real raggedy edge..very pretty though, i had just bought this little jug from the charity shop and i was wondering were to put it when the hubby came in with all these tulips and i think the jug was just the right size for them..they have been cheering me up no end when walk past them..i do think tulips are in my top three of flowers!

i had to run into Aldi to buy some chicken as ASDA didnt have any ( very boring story i know but keep with me!) i don't really shop in Aldi and i do ask myself why not as its full of interesting and lovely things so i must start having a look....anyways while i was there i had a look round and found these fairy lights..i just had to have them!!..I'm always on the lookout for battery operated fairy lights as i don't have enough plug sockets for fairy lights and plugs so something has to give!!
anyways i don't particularly like the light that these give off..they are a bit bluey white for my liking so i don't have them on but they are nice to look at just draped along the dresser and what I'm going to do is get some warm white fairy lights and wrap these around to get the nice twinkly effect!!

oh here's a close up of my IKEA bowls!!

a soap despenser from the charity shop for my bathroom

i love this large chopping board that came from the charity shop but from their "new range"
its got all recipes on it for fairy cakes, victoria sponge, jam and scones it was only £4.99 bargain!

also from the same new range i picked up these lovely trays again these were really cheap yet i think look very much like Cath Kidstons...i do feel sorry for the hubs somtimes living in such a floral filled home..but it really makes me happy seeing all the lovely prints all over the house!!

and last of all..cakes in the bathroom!!

i picked up these bath bombs from B&M's and thought they would look perfect on my cakestand that i had in the bathroom anyways..just have to make sure that the boys dont think they are real and take a bite out of them!!!..


  1. So many lovely things in this post! Particularly like the blue and white china on your dresser - fab!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Thanks for cheering up a dreary day with pretty pictures.

  3. Hello! I love your home, it is so lovely.
    I saw the bowls on my last visit to Ikea. I must go back for some, they are really cute. There were some flowery plant pots that looked new in that were cute too. Did you see the pink china bowls and plates that they had? I got some and some plates, I think they might be your sort of thing too.
    You have so many cute and lovely things. I love fairy lights too. x

  4. What lovely finds! My OH has to put up with all my CK floralness(is that a word?) around the house,but like yours,he's easy going bless him.Those bath bombs do look good enough to eat!
    Hope you're enjoying the Easter holidays. :0)

  5. How lovely is that chopping board!! I found your blog through Homebird and am your newest follower :)

    Lexie @

  6. Oh so gorgeous, I want my future house to be filled with pretty, mismatched vintage crockery. Specially tulips are so lovely! Everything is perfectly dreamy & lovely!
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    Vintage China Hire