Monday, 23 April 2012

Mellow Yellow

There is a room in our house that has been moved around so many times that it must suffer a bit of an identity complex!
next door to our kitchen is what i imagine is were the original kitchen was but somewhere along the way a little extension was built onto the back of the house and the kitchen was put in there..
leaving us with what i grandly call "the morning room!"
what i would really like to do is know down the dividing wall and make a nice spacious kitchen but apparently the way it was built it would need pillars and stuff to strengthen it.basically i cant knock the wall down myself!!..
so since we moved in Ive faffed around with this room ..changing it and adding things to it constantly!
at the start of the year we again changed it and i went for a whole different colour on the walls...a colour that Ive not used for the main colour scheme before..Yellow !!
and its thanks to my mummy who gave me the idea and even bought me the paint "thanks mum!"..

this room is now the tv room, or the snug as i affectionately like to call it !!

here's a few shots of what it has been used as in the past few years

i don't have any pictures of what it first used to look like when we first moved in.. it was cream and green..
a dark brown wooden desk and a green cupboard.. and beige carpet.. it was very "home office at Argos!"

the top picture was its most recent identity that of the dining room but once the hubby got it into his head that he wanted to make a big ol dining table then we realised that the dining room would have be moved !.

so we moved the big ikea flowery sofa into this room and i really didn't think it was going to fit or that if it did fit we would be squeezing our way past it and it would look monstrous.. but you know i actually think it looks better in this room than it did in the larger room .. i think its because it fits into the corner so looks more compact than sitting in the middle of the room..

so here goes a little tour around the Mellow Yellow snug!! (am i pretentious or what!!?)

i finally got some of my thrifted plates up on the wall.. i have a cupboard full of plates waiting to be hung up but its a job that i never get round to doing .. think its the whole buying plate holders and never knowing what size i need to get that usually gets in the way of this job!
so i have tried to stick to a mainly pink and yellow scheme with the plates, we moved the little corner cabinet from the other side of the room and i bought some cute little hanging candle holders off eBay.. i bought floral to keep in with the floral theme of the plates ..these give off such a lovely pattern on the wall when they are lit so pretty

these two shelves were already up so i just swapped the bits and bobs that were on them and hung a little lantern and some bunting...

the sofa fits!!..I'm much more happier with the sofa in here now ..  i never sat on it when it was in the other room.. a real waste as its sooo comfy!!

this little sofa was one of the first things i had from Freecycle..and it used to be in this room when we first moved in, i put it away after a while as it didn't fit in with my colour schemes but i got it back out of storage and made it fit in this scheme.. my youngest boy loves this little sofa.. he would lie on it all day if he could .. its like a little day bed to him!!

there had been a skip at the top of my road for weeks , one morning i was walking past, the skip was gone but this had been left behind on the grass.. it had no sides and broken glass doors and shelves..i brought it home and the hubby used the left over wood from our table to make the sides and fit the shelves and sanded it all back..its perfect for all our dvds!!

a sweet little picture from B&M's

this rug came from the charity shop the other week it was only £4

more candle holders off ebay and dangling hearts also off ebay.. its like i cant have anything simple..i have to hang things off everything!!!

i loved this sweet hanging house and bird mobile..i should imagine its for a little girls room but i thought it tied all the colours in the room together ..again another hanging thing.. to go with the two hanging lanterns already in the window.. do you think im obsessed!!

another view of my little sofa, the actual upholstery is pretty tired so i have just put some throws and cushions over it until i can get it reupholstered..
next to it is a plant stand i bought from ikea as there just didnt seem to be enough furniture in here for my liking .. i like having surfaces at every turn to put down cups, candles and whatever little pretties i might find along the way..
oh do you like the pretty doily on the stand my mum bought me that the other week pretty isnt it !..
the hubs cant believe we have doilies in our home.. he doesn't get it at all really does he!!

hope you enjoyed having a look around ..have you done any decorating lately that we could have a nose i mean a look at !!..


  1. just lovely. I love having a good old change around of rooms & furniture. Makes it feel so different.


  2. Of course I enjoyed looking know me so well! lol! I have a room just like that. It is between the kitchen, wet room and leads out to the garden. It was originally a bedroom becuase the people before us had a son who became disabled. Initially it was a study but it leads to a sheltered verandah so was too dark for homework. Then it was a little place to sit and read - but didnt get used. Then a study for the computer and as well as all this it is a laundry room, especially in the winter for drying washing and doing the ironing. Poor little room! Yours looks lovely though.............maybe some inspiration there!

  3. I love the shade of yellow you've picked. Your plates look great against it. I definitely fancy hanging up pretty plates when I get a house. Unfortunately no redecorating at my end although I do have furniture waiting to be painted!

  4. your home is pure eye candy...i feel i havent been here for a while there must be something wrong with my bloggy feed...xx

  5. It looks lovely ,so cosy and the yellow brightens it all up.
    I love plates arranged on the wall like that,and you can always chop and change with others in your collection when the mood takes you.I can spend a whole day in my house changing things around...I love it! :0)

  6. its such a pretty room, you have lots of lovely things. After all the decorating when we built the extension in 2010 that I am not planning more any time soon!

  7. Charl you have such fab style and taste I reckon you should be an interiors stylist!
    I LOVE the yellow, love all the furniture and love that you constantly change your home around :)
    Its so pretty and homely and I am very inspired!
    I've got a few new homely bits and bobs to blog about...just need to find the time and muster the energy to put a blogpost together!
    P.S are you on instagram? i think you'd love it! x

  8. Love your room - so pretty and cosy!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. It looks really lovely warm and cosy like the rest of your home. Love those 50's wooden shelves you rescued. dee x

  10. I love the dvd shelf it is amazing what people throw out and what you can renovate. I would rather buy something second hand and make it mine rather than buy something new. How lucky was you to find that sofa on free cycle. If you take a look at my blog I bought some shabby chic throws for our sofa it has completely changed the room. But if you are thinking of purchasing let me know as I waited months for it to come from China, there are other suppliers I can recommend. I will be doing a post on my blog where you can make your own from this design that I have managed to copy.