Saturday, 21 April 2012

bathroom window mini makeover

on my bathroom window i have the same lace drops that i have on virtually every window in my home the ikea lace drops.. .these are around the £9 mark and are so amazingly good for the price as they look really expensive and you get tons of material for your money...

now as i say i had these drops on my window and i had the two that you get in the set..this is only a little window and the height from the curtain rail to the floor wasn't that long so there was always lots of material wafting around...when i originally put them up on the rail it was in typical pretty vintage slapdash style so there was no tie backs for them it was simply me tying a big knot in them ..terrible really!!

after about a year this had started to get on my nerves  as there was far to much material and they just lay on the floor getting dusty and i felt looking a bit scruffy until the other Saturday when i was in the middle of cleaning the bathroom and moved the curtains to mop the floor .. suddenly the creative urge came over me and i decided to take both drops down and just put the one half back up.
i thought i would drape it from one side and tie it at the side using some ribbon i found in my messy drawer!

.. do you do mini makeovers that make you feel like that!!! but the window looked unfinished so i had a root round my linen cupboard and came across a white cotton runner that i had bought from a pound land shop no less which had never been used  and decided to use as a pelmet ..
very simply i pinned it around the curtain pole to give it the shape but it has remained in tact and i feel looks very effective
this took me about five minutes but its one of those mini makeovers that has really made my day as now when i walk into the bathroom i see a tidy pretty window instead of a messy one and its a little bit new so I'm still loving the novelty factor!!

i also bought a new candle holder from the chazza shop the other day as well so this has found a new home on the bathroom window sill along side one of my vintage looking ikea candle holders which has a gorgeous smelling candle in and my mini pewter petal looking candle holder that I've had for a while now it gives me something new to look at now when I'm brushing my teeth!!


  1. Its a bit like when you change furniture round or move things from one room to another. Doesn't cost much or anything but makes you smile each time you go in the room again! As I think I told you before, your's was the first blog I used to look at and those Ikea curtains were one of the first things I loved on your pictures. I think I even messaged you to ask where they were from! I did track them down and was so pleased! lol!

  2. Your bathroom looks great, love the 1 curtain instead of the 2 less fussy on a small window, it's always great to have a change around, have a great weekend :)

    Bee happy x
    HAve a delicious day!

  3. Really looks good, nice to have a creative idea from time to time.

  4. So pretty... a perfect mini makeover,and
    I simply LOVE your bathroom! :0)

  5. yep i am always tweaking the home. i love those ikea lace, i trimmed to fir the window, (just dont look to closely at the hem!) bathroom looks great.

  6. lovely. sometimes the smallest change makes the biggest difference.

  7. You have such a lovely home. I have the same net in my bedroom and frontroom its just so pretty and vintage looking. Your window looks lovely. dee x

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