Thursday, 26 April 2012

mini makeover part 2- the hallway

just thought id share another mini makeover this time it comes from the hallway

In our hallway we had a cupboard that id got off my mum.. it was a gorgeous pine cupboard that i painted grey but to be honest it didn't do much kind of hung up on the wall in the air without any purpose, with just a fear that you might bang your head on it when walking past!

recently though i changed the hallway slightly by taking the cupboard down and putting up a mirror that originally came from my sisters attic which then found its way to my mums back garden and then was under my bed for about a year waiting for me to find a place to put it!..
the mirror was battered as it is very old and had also been outside so it had a few dead spiders to clear out (urgh!) and the wood was cracked in parts..
but i soon did my usual professional job of buying a tester pot from homebase of black paint.. slapping it on in about 5 minutes and waiting  for it to dry!!..

i had a table that id bought from a car boot sale about 5 years ago hanging around in my bedroom, i had used it as a bedside table but then once we had a little move around in our room i didn't have the space for it so it was just looking a bit redundant so i did think about sticking it on eBay but then i tried it in the hallway and liked it there ( which is probably not surprising as i think it actually is a hallway table!!!)

underneath the table Ive place a basket that i bought from the charity shop a couple of years ago and has always sort of got in the way, as its quite big i did have fond imaginings of stashing balls of wool in it as i knitted by the fire, alas i cant knit and I'm a few years away from getting an open fire !( 2 wild little boys not a good combo with a roaring fire i should imagine!!) but its found a little home underneath the table and its great for housing any rogue pieces of Lego or toy cars that are hanging around downstairs, i shove them all in here when I'm on a tidy up and then just carry it upstairs later on and deposit into the toy boxes upstairs!

all that as left was to paint up a peg rail that id bought from the chazza shop for 60p which again had been lying around for about a year ( this had actually been on top of the hallway wall cupboard since id bought it!)

get that up on the wall and then accessorise!!!

i also added this lovely heart garland that my mum bought me from BHS, I'm not sure if it was meant to hang down like this but i liked the effect of it hanging down and when you walk past and catch it the pretty bells on it give a lovely chime!

again most of the things in the hallway come from charity shops, carboots or are gifts.. love that i have a
 re-loved, re-used  non redundant home!!


  1. Gorgeous - looks great!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Really like what you've done with your entryway, particularly like the mirror.

  3. looks really pretty- love all your treasures ;0)x

  4. Love all the pretty things in your home,and your makeovers are inspiring!
    Have had gremlins in my PC...thought I'd lost everything!
    Have a happy weekend. :0)

  5. ahhh how lovely :) your table looks gorge! also loving the hallway accessories :) i've got quite a collection of hallway hearts, shall have to take a pic at some point :P x

  6. Wow - how amazing to have all of those things just lying around - it looks pretty spectacular! Nothing better than 'shopping the home' and finding new uses/places for stuff that's for sure - VERY satisfying! Paula x

  7. I love your hallway, it looks gorgeous :)

  8. So nice to see you back. Your very inspiring great blog dont stay away too long :)