Wednesday, 1 April 2009

From flea market to house in under 7 hours!

did you see what I did there with my witty title I was being the Marks and Spencer's ad.. ( never mind .. I laughed to meself when I typed it at least!)

well today seen as it was my last Wednesday off ( have I told you I'm back to work next week!!!!?) I thought I would take me and the baby off to the flea market, its only run on a Wednesday and Ive really got into going to it

didn't think I was going to come away with much really as I did get there quite late on and it was really busy so with having the buggy it was quite hard to get in there and have a good look

## although two old gentleman nearly had a fight with each other as one accused the other one of pushing him.. they looked like they were getting nearer to 80 if a day so it was slightly amusing to watch!! ##

when I happened to walk past a stall and this little thing caught my eye.. sat all on his own, I carried on walking but instantly started making it over in my head so back I went, paid for it and left it there until I'd had another look round

it was only a fiver as well so would have been rude to leave it!

i think it must be a sewing box of some kind as here's what it looks like inside,

it was quite heavy and I did have a buggy to push as well as get on and off the bus.. honestly as I was doing it i was thinking to myself "why didn't you just get a taxi!!"..

but then when I got off the bus, a lady was walking past and offered to carry it for me to the house, how nice was that at all so I really think I was meant to have it!

as it was a lovely sunny afternoon I got the baby fed and to sleep as quick as I could ( such a bad mother really!) and got to it other little boy was at the mother in laws so I had the time to myself to get on with it!

I already had the paint in and I used some left over wallpaper from my bedroom, so I just couldnt wait to start!

the paint dried really quick and I'd done 2 coats of emulsion and two coats of satinwood !!
I put it up in my bedroom before, I'm going to use it as a bedside table for now, its perfect for holding my big handbag which tends to get in the way

a bit of a dodgy closeup as well ..don't look to close !!

I want to line the inside of it and paint up the little wooden drawer, but time was pressing on so that is a little job for the future!!!


  1. Oooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wowweeeeeeeeeeee! Love it, fab job m'dear.

  2. thanks love, its a bit slapdash but hey this IS shabby chic,,dont have to be perfect does it!!!

  3. Wow, stunning, your Gooood.
    How kind of that lady to carry it for you ...... though i would have been so scared that she was gunna nick it, that i would have let her push the baby..... lolololol...

  4. wowzers whats your secret - your bibby is lickler than mine!!!!!
    I'm still thinking and you have done and finished lol!!! :)
    Fab by the way - love it xxx

  5. I like that VERY much.. ..super Pretty!x

  6. it's lucious...really lovely you've done an amazing job and soo quickly well done Charley xx

  7. It's a really lovely job, and the paper looks fab. You must be so pleased with yourself. x

  8. Very pretty, you don't hang around do you?! :) Another nice addition to your home.

  9. Very cute makeover, and you did it so fast! Well done you! X

  10. Wow, I really want that for a side table. I am most impressed. Have just started to do up furniture (well paint everything white) so well done you. It's gorg and you really couldn't buy anything so lovely unless it was done by that demigod CK which would cost more than a fiver.