Saturday, 22 August 2009

The Road to V!!

hi all

im writing this at midnight saturday morning!! **well in about 5 hours time me and the hubby will be getting ready to set out to the V Festival in Stafford..
we are going with my sister and bro in law in their camper van Primrose!!
the children are at both parents..we could have gone today as that's when most people go but me and my sister both felt a little bit funny about leaving our babies for nearly 4 days!
so its an early start tomorrow to set up camp and then enjoy a bit of music for the next few days
the hunter wellies have been bought.. the bag is all packed and the fake tan has been applied.. ( if I'm going to wear shorts I'm not getting out my white legs for no one!!) oh and plenty of baby wipes to keep us clean!!!
will let u know how we get on when we get back.. so for now its goodbye and rock on!!!!


  1. Thats Wicked Hun!!! Have a fantastic time hun x

  2. Wishing you a well deserved break from your little ones...
    Although, I know very well how you feel, when you are appart from your two little boys for so long.
    I too feel guilty when our family is separated... but never mind, soon after, everything is back to normal and then I can`t wait for another mini break. Lol