Thursday, 20 August 2009

Handme down housewife!!

this mop bucket is a little piece of vintage when I'm doing the cleaning..

it was my mother in laws nanas!!.. she used to run a guesthouse for years, apparantly the "monster raving looney" party leader stopped there!!! ( oo the glamour!)... this house apparently was full of goodies.. why wasn't i around then, and i never got to meet her as she died a few years before i met my hubby..but from the stories ive heard about her i think i would have loved her!

the clothes dryer was my mums who bought it before i was born,( so that makes it atleast 20!!)
i love it .. you can get loads on it and it doesn't take up any room when its folded!! i remember this being in our boiler cupboard when i was growing up.. it always had washing on it being as there was 4 kids and 2 adults there was always a wash on!

my peg bucket was a pound from the car boot a few years ago.. its a little old enamel tin.. but it holds quite a few pegs!!
and i love the little chickens on it!

isn't it great when things that you have, have little stories attached to them and also when things can be either re-used for something else or passed on to someone. i think that's what makes me a handme down housewife ..loving everyones cast offs!!..
****** ooo just to say ..thank you for all your advice on the leg painting!.. i think im going to keep them the brown for now .. as i want it to go with my little green wing back chair which also has dark wooden feet.. so think this would look quite nice along side it!...just off to paint my own legs now.. the fake tan needs applying before the weekend is here!!!*******


  1. Hey hun did you see my post about your award?
    Annie x

  2. Love your vintage housewifery items. Lovely.

  3. Fantastic bits and pieces! My family moved a lot so I suspect that many things like this got thrown away... Shame...

  4. What a super post...looks so utterly vintage!
    Very cute!xx

  5. P.S...the skirt is hiding the washing chine.....makes it look much prettier!x

  6. Oooh, love the clothes dryer, I saw one the same today at the car boot and was tempted, I just wish i had more space! Have fun applying the fake tan!

    Laura x

  7. It is lovely to own things with a bit of history. I bet your mother in law's nana would be so chuffed to know you would still be using that mop bucket after all this time!

    Mel xxx

  8. Nice to see those vintage cleaning things loved and being used.