Saturday, 15 August 2009

She knows me so well !!!

my sister is my best friend ( apart from hubby that is!) she is ten years older than me and when we were growing up i thought she was the bossiest thing going!!!

when you look back though she was 18 and was having to share her bedroom with a pretty awful 8 year old, who read her diary and ate all her secret stash of chocolate i would have hated it!!!

now though i love her to bits.. she really is the bestest mate ever!

we have such a laugh together, she is one of very few people who can really make me belly laugh, we cant really ring each other when we are in work as we spend most of it laughing thus drawing attention to the fact we arnt working!

.. and she just "gets" me.. do you know what i mean.. she just understands were I'm coming from.. even if she thinks I'm a little strange for being excited over Pyrex!!

so here's how i know how she does.. what do you buy someone who loves cleaning and pretty things

why a shabby chic inspired feather duster of course!!!!!!

just look how pretty this is!!

the lovely little flowers on the handle match my kitchen so well.. I'm going to have to find a hook for it to go on.. this needs to be shown off!!

i mean look at them high ceilings with picture rails, coving. imagine the dust that must get stuck up there..whats a girl to do ???
why use her extendable feather duster .. yes it even extends so i can get to the hard to reach bits!!!

cant you tell I'm just a little bit excited about this!!!.. it just goes to show how well my sis knows me.. thanks love for the pressie!!!!
Ken Dodd eat your heart out mate!!!!


  1. It's a very pretty feather duster! Nice to have a big sis you gets you!!
    Enjoy your pretty dusting hun....I do the hoovering in my tiara..shh don't tell anyone!!
    You should try it!!
    Annie x
    By the way LOVING your wallpaper!!!!

  2. Wow the perfect duster,tis so cute :)

    Glad you are feeling a little better, hugs for you :)


  3. Aww your sister sounds lovely. I think a feather duster as pretty as that is a great pressie. I would hang it up for show and use an old one to dust X

  4. I've got an extending duster like that but it's not half as pretty!!!!! Love your wallpaper hun.

    I hope my girls are as close as you and your sister when they grow up, it sounds lovely.

    Mel xxx

  5. Wow thats a bright looking feather duster!

  6. Lovely duster....wonderful wall tastic!xxx

  7. That is very pretty! Now imagine dusting up to the top of a barn-sized French house - my husband has built a kind of telescoping metal pole which can hold a duster or be connected to the air compressor, to 'puff' all the cobwebs down. It is getting cobwebby again, so I'll have to get the contraption out...

  8. Hi Charl, Annie again! Thanks for the comment and just to let you know there is also a blue with pale roses version for £15 also!! They do have cushions to match in some stores but didn't have any in my store :~(
    By the way I have read onnnnnn a couple of blogs about the shabby chic cafe? It sounds fab!! How can I join?

    Annie xxx

  9. I have that very same duster, it's so useful and ever so pretty.