Tuesday, 4 August 2009

charity shop amazingness!!!

hi all

well ive had a good morning around the charity shops!!!

flowers .. don't u just love them... how gorgeous are these

they are even more lovely as theres more..

on both sides!!

i bought this bag for £1.. a pound for such loveliness ...its stunning.. its all beaded.. i saw it and had to buy it.. it was £1.50 but i used my ol charms and got it for a pound.. cant wait to start using it.. but i do think it will have to be more of a nice occasion bag as i don't want to ruin it with yogurt pots and nappies!!

how lovely is this blanket, the picture doesnt really how vibrant the colours are but they are lovely and bright..

i might pretend to people that ive made it haha.. do you think they'd believe me especially when they see the kip of my sewing!!!

now i don't think im going to keep it on my bed but i might have it somewhere down stairs for night time snuggling in front of the tv

I'm always on the look out for pastel coloured crockery and my eyes twinkled when i saw this today.. its quite big.. will be great for breakfast time table laying!! its Iris woodware, i think it will be lovely for when we lay the breakfast table.. full of cold milk to splash over our cornflakes!

and this sweet little dish for 39p..i mean who makes up these prices!!!.. i think it looks quite art deco meself.. it matches my other bits of vintage dishes.. so its lovely when they are all in use together..

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