Tuesday, 4 August 2009

box of goodies!

hi all

well went to my mums the other day and she produced this little box of goodies for me to take home..

me and mum are always swapping things and finding things in our homes that we pass on to each other.. i really do get my magpies eye from her.. its great when we both go shopping together as we give each other loads of ideas!
my sister although loving the whole vintage/shabby look is a lot more minimalist.. shes more into the Scandinavian look so she doesn't really "get" me and mum when we are ooing and aahing over a vase or cushion!!

anyways you cant beat getting new things especially when you've been stuck in all weekend with babies as the weather was as wet as it was!!

here's a little peek!!

how pretty is this little candle holder.. hearts and candles in one its a winning combo isn't it!!

i love these little shelves.. I'm going to paint these perhaps in an off white or cream and put them in my bathroom when i finally get round to doing it ( hubby has said soon so that's promising isn't it!!).. i think these will be lovely with soaps in and pretty bathroom things!

i love mirrored glass and i really love this candle holder.. haven't yet found a little home for it ..but I'm sure i will soon.. its quite heavy to so will have to keep it out of sticky fingers reach!!

love this little soap dish.. again like the shelves i think I'm going to paint this cream or off white.. i love the curly little legs on it!!

these 3 pots are soo sweet.. you cant tell on the picture really the pattern on them is little flowers and i think butterfly's. they will be perfect for holding toothbrushes, cotton wool balls etc
there was also a set of cake forks as well but i didn't think they were pretty enough to be photographed!!!
well the sun is actually shining so I'm going to pop out for a bit get some vitamin c !!!!


  1. that wire rack is particularly yummy! A nice cream on that with a little bit of the original colour peeking through will be just gorgeous I can imagine!!! So nice that you and your mum can see the potential in items... that soapdish is cute too! Great finds hun x I scored this week at the car boot too!

    Annie x

  2. Hi, I'm not sure how I managed not to follow you before as your blog is gorgeous but better late than never!!!

    So nice to swap things with your Mum, mine is getting rid of all her pretty girly stuff (I think she is going minimalist - suits me lol). Love your posies a few posts lower down :)

    Mel xxx