Sunday, 16 August 2009

Booty bargains!!

well we woke up this morning to an awful burning smell..

our oldest who has just turned three decided to make his own breakfast this morning while we were still asleep

his breakfast consisted a spoonful of green and blacks chocolate spread into his plastic postman pat bowl and then put into the microwave wacked onto high!!

so you can imagine the smell of burning plastic and the smoke everywhere... it was disgusting!!

our kitchen stinks of burnt plastic now. he was a bit excited because there was smoke so he thought fireman sam would be coming to see us....eeeek

so i think the baby gate will be put back on now to stop these early morning culinary attempts!!

anyways to escape this horrible smell we decided to go to the car boot, just for a look!!

and we came back with tons!!!...

i thought i had loads but when i got home i didn't have that much really but very pretty what i did have!

first off i saw this pretty t-pot..very Emma Bridgewater inspired i thought.. i asked how much and when he said 20p i nearly snatched his hand off!!!

Ive realised when i got home that i have pretty egg cups that match this..which is always nice to have a few matching items isn't it

i picked up this very pretty patchwork cushion cover on the next stall for 10p!!

i don't know if you can see that well on the picture but lovely little patches of roses.. its found a home on one of my red arm chairs!!

there was a lovely stall full of gorgeous plates and lace tablecloths most of it was out of my price range.. i think he was more of a dealer than someone just clearing their attic!.. but i did pick up these lovely pillowcases.. trimmed with gorgeous lace,and with the prettiest little bit of embroidery

and this gorgeous candy stripe pillowcase that he threw in for free as he only had one.. i would have liked to have two but never mind.. I'll just have to keep an eye out on me travels for the other one!

the thing is these pillowcases are massive.. i think they must be oxford pillowcases ( is that right????) and my pillows are like biscuits so it looks like I'll have to be buying some new ones.. these are to nice to go on flat squashed numbers!

a jaunty little red scarf was thrown in for free when i bought a hairdryer.. mine did blow up on me the other week so have been having to let my hair dry naturally which is all well and good when you have the time but when you're running late and your hair is sopping wet its not ideal.. you cant beat little scarfs though can you..i have drawers full of them but do tend to wear the same ones!

oh i got myself another dress that is obviously from a maturer lady but i loved it.. and the button detail on the shoulder is so pretty.. Ive got some gorgeous red patent wedges which will look fab with this i think..very 1950s!

i have been after a light for my bedroom ever since we moved in.. at the minute its just a brown and cream Capiz shell style one which was left by the previous pretty as it is.. it doesn't really go in my bedroom but Ive not seen any lights that i liked or could justify paying £100 for so when my beady little eye spotted this twinkling i dove straight in.. ( u know i must be one of those very annoying people at car boots who people complain about!!!)

we got it for £3.50 and its in working order.. how fab is that.. I'm not to sure on the faux candle dripped wax things that go on the bulbs but I'm thinking if i just paint them white/silver i probably wont notice them!
i think it just needs a bit of a clean up to get its sparkle back and then find someone to wire it up!!

to add to my slowly growing collection of pastel coloured china i bought this sweet little jug, its called "almond petal". I'm not sure if its part of any range I'll have to have a look on the Internet later to see but its sooo pweety!!.. its got a little frill around the rim and is a lovely sage green..

i don't know if you have heard of this book "were the wild things are", perhaps you read it as a child.. well hubby was at the pictures the other week and this has been made into a film.. he said it looks amazing....well this book just reminds me of my childhood.. i don't remember the story as such but the pictures are just fixed onto my memory so we bought this lovely book for 50p..our oldest has already had us read it to him a few times .. so it looks like this will be now a firm fave in my little family to !

we also bought the obligatory kids toys that are broken by the time we got back to the car!!..

hubby went a bit mad and couldn't stop buying electrical things.. sega megadrive, sandwich toastie maker, cheese fondue set, camping stove ..haha.. and this is the man who is always silently fuming when i wake him with the words "car boot today darling!!"

then we went to my inlaws for a nice roast..absolutely scrummy roast potatos..hmm i think i had about 6 talk about carb overload.. but then i obviously needed them to build up my energy again dont you think!!!


  1. Some lovely finds, you would never get things that cheap at the carboot near us!

  2. Wow what alot you got gal lol....and they are all lovely found some really pretty things well done and I love the light fitting you must put pics up when thats working its gorge xxxxx

  3. You found some gorgeous things. I adore your dress and with red accessories it will look very retro. Ive never seen a stripe pillowcase with a frill so I will be on the look out for some of them. The light fitting is an absolute bargain. I had to laugh at your little ones culinary skills, even grown men have been known to put the wrong thing in the microwave (Ahem, Mr K) X

  4. Hello!
    LOL....shame the breakfast plans did not go his way!
    Sounds like it was going to be so yummy too!

    Love the bootie finds!
    The dress is lovely...very vintage!x

  5. WOW that teapot was 20p???!!! a def bargain!! The dress is very cute and will look lovely with your fab styling ideas!
    I saw the trailer for that film and it does look fab...didn't remember the book until you posted that pic..and now that I recognise it...I must have read it!!
    The Chandelier is a great find hun I have some plain frosted white tubes to replace the drippy ones if you want...although I do think they will look quite sweet once painted! I also have some more of those little crystals that form a chain and some teardrop ones if you need some hun...Just let me know xx
    Sounds like a productive day hun!!

    Annie x