Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Simply Amazing!!

hi all

well i had the V festival experience and just loved it!!!

it really was an amazing weekend.. i went with the hubby, my sister and brother in law

we stayed in Primrose the camper van!
the weather was amazing for us.. we had sunshine all weekend so there was no dodging the rain and trudging around in mud it was lying on our backs in the sun listening to live bands and then watching the sun set as bands played their anthem tunes..

it really was a great weekend.. and it finished to soon !!!

on the Saturday we saw Daniel Merriwether, Biffy Clyro, we waited for ages to see Lady Gaga who was late coming on and then left early.. i was a little bit frightened in this tent though as it was sooo crowded so we left

Elbow were playing as the sun was setting and that was amazing.. I'm not really a fan of them but they can really play to a crowd..great stuff!

we saw Snow Patrol who were great.. the whole crowd sang "Run" which gave me shivers!..me and the hubby went off to see Oasis.. ( they pulled out the next night in Essex though id have been fuming!) who were good.. did all the ol faves...and then we had a little look round all the stalls afterwards.. i was trying on all the hippie dresses and hats.. ( even at festivals I'm still looking for a bargain!)
then it was back to Primrose for a good old sing song and a few nibbles..( and a few cheeky vodkas!).
Sunday the sun was shining again ( i think its rained the last 5 years or so at V so this was just great!).. we walked down and listened to Star Sailor whilst we chilled in the sunshine.. then it was on to watch the Noisettes, we saw Lilly Allen.. who in real life has the most loveliest voice.. and she had an amazing pair of shoes on!.. hubby and bro in law went to watch "the specials"

we caught the end of the Wombatts who were good, then hubbys weekend was made as some members of "the Goldie looking chain!" were walking around having their pics taken..they are some mad, often foul mouthed quite funny welsh rap band.. so we got to have our photos taken with them.. the hubby loves them ( i think its a boy thing!) so to meet them would be like me meeting cath kidston!

i of course jumped on the bandwagon and became their biggest fan and had my pic taken with two of the members!!

Razorlight played and were amazing but then the whole highlight of my weekend was the killers!!!!!!!... oh my goodness i just love The Killers!!.. we had the most amazing spot ever.. right at the front!!!!.. i could see Mr Brandon Flowers so clearly ( even without my glasses on!) and they just played to the crowd so much.. it was the best performance Ive ever seen.. it really was..

and then that was it.. its all over now for another year..

i think we are all a little depressed now .. well not depressed just having the V blues.. its back to work and normal day to day things..were for a couple of days at least you forget all this and just really chill out..
but then theres always next year !!!!!!!!!!!

me and maggot and adam hussain from goldie looking chain.. actually really nice lads..very friendly and no ego!!! ( check out my box of noodles.. i was hungry and wasnt putting that down for anyone!)



the beautiful brandon Flowers.. you cant really see him on the pic but just wanted to show you who close we were!!!

the Noisettes.. very good.. but i did only know 2 of the songs..!!!

Biffy Clyro.. very good.. quite rocky .good to have a bit of a rock out to!!

whos this.. a blonde boy george !!!!
********* i have just noticed that there is a "weres wally?" character behind me in this picture.. he really does get everywere doesnt he wally!!..


  1. ooh looks like a fab weekend :)
    loving the pic with maggot - I developed a teeny crush on him during celeb bb - much to the amusement of my friends :(
    primose ain't bad too lol!!!

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend, I agree with you about The Killers, I saw them recently in Hyde Park and can't wait to see them again.
    Ann x

  3. ooh brandon flowers..yum yum!! sounds like you had a great time hun!!! Love primose shes priddy!!!
    annie x

  4. Wow, what a fab weekend. Love Primrose and those Hunters! just what I need and have been on a few websites looking for a best buy.
    Great postie pic's......loving that hat

  5. Looks like you had a great time, love the VW camper!
    Laura x

  6. Bugger wrote long post but it went to I know not where.. gist of it is...............

    DD went to V last year
    Shes at creamfields now till monday
    She bought her 1st par of Hunters last week off Ebay (lavender)
    Glad you had brill time and thanks for sharing photos xx

  7. hey lajoni
    .we live about 10 mins away from were creamfields is..tell you daughter to call in.we'll make her breakfast!!
    .. if i listen carefully i can hear the thud thud of the music!!
    these were my first pair of hunters to.. i did justify the price by saying that they would last me a life time but i would like a black pair aswell!!!!

  8. Oh WOW, this is a great post & you have the most gorgeous site here. I had to stop by to leave this comment for you – and to say hello of course ! Your posts are creative and original and you have interesting pictures. It's all perfect ! Thank you for sharing your site and best wishes....