Thursday, 6 August 2009

charity shop amazingness!!!!!

Hi all
had a good morning at the charity shops.. the sun is shining to so always great!!

i bought this stunning bag for a pound..yes a beautiful beaded bag with the most gorgeous flowers on for one hundred pence!!!. they did want £1.50 but i used my charms!!!

its on both sides of the bag as well, theres a lot of work that's gone into this bag.. so I'm going to keep it for special occasions as i don't want to ruin it with bags of wipes, nappies, and little bags of baby crisps now do i !!
Ive been looking at everyones crocheting and all the lovely blankets that they've made and i thought to myself i really must have a go.. Ive never done crochet before but theres always a first time

so here it is .. my first attempt......

what do you think???

HAHA as if !!..
how lovely is this.. i picked it up for £1.50 its huge and the colours are so vibrant and lovely..the photo doesn't really do it that much justice as it looks a little dull but in real life its just lovely.. I'm not sure if i will keep it on my bed i might have it in the living room for night time snuggling in front of the tv.. i don't know about you but i get sooo cold at night now..i sit with about 20 layers on!!!
i do actually want to learn how to crochet though, that's going to be the next thing i learn to do!!

i got this little serving dish for 39p were they get their prices from i don't know!.. i think its a little bit art deco looking with the corners etc..

it matches some of my other little vintage dishes so i think the effect when they are all laid out on the dinner table will be lovely

now I'm always on the lookout for pastel coloured crockery/china so i was made up when i saw this jug.. its from the iris woodsware range and i love it.. its quite big as well so will be great for the breakfast table filled with ice cold milk to pour over our cornflakes!


  1. You did well! Love the blanket, I keep looking out for one but not seen one yet!

    Mel xxx

  2. OOh great finds hunny!! Love the crochet blanket and Blue jug the mostest though!!! Wow need to come to your charity shops!!!
    Annie xx

  3. What incredible bargains, that bag is wonderful and the crochet blanket looks fab.

  4. What lovely bargains.
    Great crochet blanket, I love all of mine and use them constantly. They are so fab when you pick them up for just a pound or so.

    Great bag.

  5. haha love the blanket... I too keep seeing lovely crochet blankets and getting inspired, then I think 'nah, I'll just be lazy and wait for one to turn up at a jumble sale'!

  6. Well done with the blanket, and the bag.

    Love and blessings

  7. Great crochet blanket. I saw one at an antiques fair last week and the dealer wanted £20 so you got a bargain. To buy good quality wool to make your own can cost £150!

  8. Some super finds, the bag is beautiful!xx