Sunday, 24 January 2010

cooking with mother!!!

if you go onto the "money saving expert forum" they have a recipe section on the "old style" forum.. its great..theres tons of recipes all that are pretty low cost but mostly scrummy!!

if you type in Old Style Recipe Index in the search part it should bring it up..

so me and the oldest boy thought we would make some gorgeous chocolate brownies with the base that's made from wheetabix... that's right wheetabix. it sounds a little strange doesn't it..but these are just gorgeous.. i love em.. they are so versatile as well .. you can put dried fruit in, nuts.. or just lots of different chocolate chunks.. hmmm I'm salivating as i type here!!

you will need four crushed up wheetabix.. ( get the little ones to smash them up..great fun!!)

( oldest boy is using the pestle from my pestle and mortar to smash up the wheetabix..going so fast you can hardly see him!!)

4oz caster sugar

4oz self raising flour

2tbsp cocoa powder ( i normally put more in for extra chocolaty goodness!!)

a packet of chocolate drops ( but you can just buy a big bar of chocolate and smash this up to!..Asdas own dark chocolate works very well for this!!) ...and anything else you want to add e.g fruit, walnuts, etc

mix all this up together and then take

4oz melted butter/marg

1 egg

stir both into the mixture...

pop into a baking tray .. i use a smallish raised lipped oven tray so that the mixture can rise a bit

you can use whatever really just depends how big you want it or how deep..

either stick in grease proof paper or whack a bit of butter around the dish with your pastry brush!

bake in oven for 15 mins on about gas mark 7

leave to stand for five minutes and then cut into squares and tuck in!!!!


  1. yummy, we are baking too. Must be the day for it

  2. Oh, they look fab - I'm going to try those tomorrow - thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi, just found you via Floss's blog - that receipe looks good - think I shall be trying that this week.

    Vicki xx

  4. Being a chocoholic that's one to add to my recipe book...thankyou!


  5. Mmmm they look good! I never heard about using Weetabix in cooking before but I must have a go, I think the girls would love this one :)

    Mel xxx

  6. Hiya Charl,
    For the carrier bag holder I basically did what you do when you make a drawstring bag by making a fold at the top and bottom and sewing it so you have a channel to run the ribbon through. If you look for a basic drawstring bag tutorial it should show you how to do it, I'm not too great at explaning sorry! x