Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Keep the change!

"keep the change"..did your mum ever use to say that to you when you went to the shop for her when you were younger??

. yes.. mine to.. in fact i think she said it to me so i wouldn't say "oh i lost it !" whilst slipping a marathon ( yes what is now a snickers!) bar up my coat sleeve or hiding a curly wurly in my pocket!!..

obviously it was never a massive amount probably enough to buy me a sweety treat anyway to me it was a huge amount!!

anyway in the present day. i work with my mum .. we work on the same reception.. there i was wondering what to do for my lunch hour.. didn't see the point in going up to town as i didn't have any money on me.. so up pops mum and says " i need some superglue . will you get me some and then you can keep the change!!!".. i was out of my chair and had my coat on faster than you could say "show me the money!!!"..

anyways i bought these pretty little things .. and how good is this and defo shows how Ive changed over the years.. i had change to give back!!

i got these lovely cushion covers 3 for 50p.. ( i know they might as well have given them away!)

these sweet little black shoes ..look at the lovely floral lining.. I'm thinking with thick tights and a little t-dress..

and a lovely cream and pink with grey edging Betty Jackson cardigan.. the photo doesn't do it justice but its lovely and i have a gorgeous plum and grey and cream tartan kilt that it will look perfect with !!

so here we are . a nice unexpected trip to town for free for me.. and guess what ..couldn't buy superglue any were how mad is that!!!

oh thank you all for your nice comments regarding my quilt.. oo I'm getting more and more excited as it takes shape.. I'm trying to take it slowly as well so I'm not rushing to get it finished and the end result look totally pants which is normally the case for my projects so I'm giving myself a night off from it and will tackle the sewing of the backing on etc over the next few days!!..


  1. What a great haul :) I love the shoes - definately brilliant with black tights & a tea-dress.

  2. I can't believe you managed all that with change too! Shame about the super glue ;)

  3. WOW hun I wann come and visit your charity shop!!!!
    Great finds hun xx
    Annie x

  4. Some fab finds, think I might have to hit the charity shops tomorrow!

    Mel xxx