Wednesday, 20 January 2010

credit crunch blues!!!

upon hearing the letterbox go this morning .. i picked up the mail to find this sweet..lovely bursting full of gorgeousness book included with the mundane bills and circulars..

I'm sure you have had yours as well.

boy did i get the blues once i opened it..not because theres anything wrong with it or that its boring to look at it.

in fact quite the opposite .... its just soooo lovely. each page has something that jumps out at me and says please buy me.. please give me a good home..

like this gorgeous set.. it would look just so great in my house!!

but hey in these credit crunch times and hubbys work having been cut down to 3 days a week i just so couldn't pay miss kidstons prices!!!..

so i had a touch of the credit crunch blues and felt slightly sorry for myself as i tend to do at least once a week!!.. but then i got a grip on reality and thought of all the lovely things that id picked up from bootsales charity shops.. the sales.. none from cath kidston but i think all have a look of the vintage floral style she has ( and some of mine are vintage so even better yes.. go with me on this OK!!!)

so I'm going to stop feeling sorry for my self and think of all the lovely things i already have!!! ..
( how long my positive mental attitude lasts .. Ive no idea.. probably until about Friday morning!!)

anyways thanks for your messages has been a lot better today..his temperature has gone right down.. his chest doesnt sound as bad and we have had some lovely snuggles on the sofa together, so hes hopefully well on his way to feeling better...


  1. Its so much more gratifying to find the things yourself at the car boots etc! I have the little blue floral tray too!

  2. Just think the things you have aren't in everyone's homes like the CK stuff can be sometimes and it's certainly better to get the "real" vintage stuff!!!

    Victoria xx

  3. So pleased to hear baby is better.You have some lovely things in your home.Those plates on the wall are very pretty.I love that CK china too.I'll have to wait and birthday's in!


  4. You have some amazing lovelies in your house! What great style you have! I'm like you, get on a high because the catalogue has so many beautiful things, then a low because I can't afford it! I am thinking what I can sell on ebay to raise the money to get the china set! a woman on a mission! Have a fab day! xxx

  5. I agree with you such lovely items can be picked up for a few pounds and is so much more gratifying than the guilty feeling when you spend so much money ,better off in our pockets than caths .I cant wait for Easter when all the boot sales start I have sever withdrawal symptoms and even some charity shops can be expensive .Lovely photos you have such really pretty things
    have a great day

  6. You are so right! CK herself would prefer a home with real vintage things, I get the impression, and her goodies are just a little addition to all the wonderful, CHEAPER things we can pick up second hand! Great photos of your own collection. So glad to hear your baby is better.

  7. I think vintage stuff and thifted stuff is far, far, far nicer.
    I have found blogland a very pressured place to have the new stuff and just the 'right' things. It got me very depressed at one stage because there was no way I could have it all without living on thin air for years.

    Your house is one of my fave in our little blog sphere. It's pretty, well thought out with a heavy spattering of wonderful, original items.

    Glad to hear you little one is better.

  8. Thanks for popping by and your lovely comment. I haven't yet had my catalogue - I often get missed out and have to go in and collect it for some annoying reason. Her stuff is lovely, but I think her prices are ridiculous now. Even chipped stuff they were selling in my local branch for just 20 % off or something stupid. At the end of the day, you're right to look around you at your lovely things - that's where all CK's inspiration has come from after all.
    Sorry to hear your little one has been poorly. x

  9. Yes, I love all things cath kidston! Maybe later down the road you can get something of hers!