Friday, 8 January 2010

winter wonderland

how very fitting it is , that when you surround yourself with scenery like this

its only right that you partake of a tipple or two of something called this on a Friday night !!

have a good evening and is watching celebrity big brother your guilty secret to !!!?????


  1. Cheers! I have not seen that one before, I do enjoy a tipple in the evenings.
    Carol x

  2. Hi Charl,
    Thanks for your comment onmy blog, it is so nice to hear of a postman that is one in a million, i always think the men on foot posting our treats have the hardest job, it's the ones in the sorting offices that make life a pain.
    Lets take our hats off to posties everywhere and say thanks for the post we do get lol
    That blossom hill wine looks yum and i have to admit i did watch the first big Bro just to see who was going in. And when i did, said to myself if i get court watching this I'll shoot myself LOL
    Lovely to hear from you, hope to speak again soon x
    Keep warm.
    Catherine x

  3. Hi Charl,
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. The seviettes come from Tesco. Certainly a lot cheaper than CK!! i JUST HAD TO GET THEM!!
    Feeling a lot better now, I have even eaten today!!
    Take care, and keep warm : )

    Sharon xx