Thursday, 7 January 2010

more snow and makeovers!!!

our family in wellie form!!

well I'm sure everyone has been in the same boat this week.. schools closed, ( poor mums.. especially after the long holiday) ... people taking snow days from work as its just not worth the risk going on the roads.. it is beautiful to look at snow.. but it can end up being very inconsiderate cant it .. ( especially when i had a trip to ikea planned!!! )
and as i usually keep my mop and bucket outside my mop has become frozen inside the bucket.. and i cant get it out haha!!!

here's the little trellis in my backyard.. doesn't it look pretty the green against the white!

well as i predicted the first day we had snow.. hubby came home with a huge piece of plastic

that he took out with some of also mad friends to go sledging down huge scary hills in the dark.. i mean were is the pleasure in that!!!..

today we took the boys to the park by our house were there is a smaller hill and it was light so i could see if i was about to go head first into a tree or whatever !!!..

it was i have to admit quite good fun.. emphasis on the quite.. mind. my feet were freezing from the minute we got there but i am very cold blooded !!!.. the boys just loved it.. even our 18 month old couldn't get enough of going down with daddy.

this is a pic of our 3 yr old on daddys back .. i think hes inherited the no fear gene from daddy!!

hubby of course had to go down standing up at times or on his stomach...honestly i think I'm married to a member of jackass or some other crazy gang!!.
while we were there i thought id just take a few pics of the snow.. as it did look so beautiful!!

onto another subject now because i think i am starting to get snow blindness.. remember the chairs i got from freecycle in the summer . well i finally got round to painting them this week.. i took myself off to homebase - walked there in the snow.. wellies on, hat, scarf, gloved up.. what a trouper!!!.. and got some of the made up paints in gloss.. and how glossy they are.. i never use gloss normally I'm a satin wood kinda gal..but on the chairs it just works so well..they are so shiny and lovely... i keep looking at them!!..

i think the bright pink one is my fave!!!

although on the brighter pink chair my 3 yr old sat on it in the morning when it wasn't completely dry so there is a sort of rub scuff mark that I'm going to have to sand down and paint again honestly don't you just love kids!!

so we have changed the church pew around and put it on the other side to were it normally is and it makes such a difference I'm not worried about the children banging their heads on it when they are running past etc..

please excuse the dying flowers in jug on the table.. they have come to the end of their life but i just haven't got round to buying new ones yet!!!

really want to paint the legs and underneath of the table now.. hubby thinks I'm a painting junkie i think i may be!!!


  1. Your chairs are lovely. I use gloss on my chairs too. It's great for wiping down should anything get spilt with little ones around.

    I think the snow looks pretty but I want it to go away now! We are supposed to be viewing houses tomorrow and I'm worried the Estate agent will cancel because of the bad roads.

    Enjoy but keep safe!

  2. Happy New Year from a fellow paint junkie!
    Love them chairs. You have done a great job with them and really should match the table legs to them, I think!
    I am going to get my brush out again soon.
    Carol x

  3. Ohooo lovely charl, really pretty, I used gloss to paint a couple of pink things around my home, but for some reason can't get used to it, so the paint brush shall be coming out again though is great for having kids around.

    Have to ask, did u get sample pots or big tins of the pretty colours and what colours are they, Ohooo nosy mare are'nt I :)


  4. Adorable chairs. We stencilled our own choice of designs on our chairs years ago - each member of the family did their own, with help for the younger ones - and it is still special to sit on them each meal time. If we hadn't done that, I think I would be rushing out to do what you've done!

    Our younger son sounds like your menfolk - on Christmas Day he was sliding down the ice on a concrete ramp in the PILs' farm, first on his bum, and then on a plastic feedsack provided by his grandfather. Over here, we have to head to the Pyrenees to get what you're getting, though!

  5. Love those chairs!!! My favourite is the pale green one! Dread to think how much they'd be in CK!!

    Sharon xx

  6. ooooo those chairs!...gorgeous!!!

  7. I love the pink painted chair how refreshing, such a nice change from boring safe colours. You have got my mind whizzing Em x