Tuesday, 26 January 2010

this week i'll be mostly

making a patchwork quilt!!!!!

have already sewn all the squares together .. just need to put it onto some nice backing and finish off with the bias binding..

as I'm utterly hopeless with this binding.. I'm going to get mummy dearest to help me.. ( in other words.. I'll bring on the cups of tea whilst she gets to it !!!!!)

more pics of this little project later in the week.. cant wait for it to be done!!!


  1. Ooh Charl you have kept that quiet! How come we haven't seen it on SCC!?!
    Can't wait to see it. How far along have you got? I found the binding the hardest part, good luck with it! xx

  2. its going to be really pretty ..good idea about bringing reinforcements those quilts can get tricky when they get big!

  3. Oh yes the binding bit is fiddly - I often wish I'd got a spare pair of hands. I ususally zigzag round the layers before putting the binding on as it squashes the fabric/wadding down.

    Vicki xx

  4. It seems to be that time of year for patchworking as everyone's doing it - including me! Good luck with the binding, and can't wait to see it when it's finished!

  5. OOh lovely, can't wait to see! I have to admit I never did the binding thing when I made a quilt but it does look really nice finished off that way :)

    Mel xxx

  6. Well, me and you together then! I am sure it is going to look wonderful and I cannot wait to see it. I am really looking forward to starting the little one for the crib.
    Shhhhhhhhhhhhh yes we Know..they are on camera! oh for the marvels of hidden things! lets prey they go away for longun.

  7. Oooh,lovely,looking forward to seeing the finished result!


  8. Cant wait to see it finished. I like your title too 'This week I will be mostly eating acorns' LOL!

  9. Looking forward to seein the finished quilt!xxx