Monday, 11 January 2010

The unintentional collection!

about a year ago i bought myself some lovely little polka dot egg cups from the charity shop...
i thought they were a little bit Emma Bridgewater inspired ..

a few months after that i found the little toast rack that matched in another charity shop aww i thought how cute.. it matches my egg cups.. nice for egg and soldiers to match!!
then in the summer at a local car boot sale i found the T-pot for somthing silly like 25p!!

on my lunch today i took a stroll up to the charity shops as since work was closed last week and i have the children all other times i don't really get to have a look round .. i literally ran up there as i have had cabin fever!!
and came across these two plates, two saucers and lovely cups. which just look perfect for hot chocolate and a load of squirty cream!!!.

so now i think i may have the full set.. or at least some of it and i never intended to .. its amazing how things come together as you go along buying from the charity shops..
and i think it may have all come to at least £3.50!!!!!


  1. Love polkadots, and love those!!! How great to find a set that way!! So cute!!
    You never know what you'll find next at a charity shop, and at that price!!

    Happy CS browsing : )

    Sharon xx

  2. Fanastic! Best way to find a collection hun. spend as little as possible and have fun doing it!!
    Love em!
    Annie x

  3. Great collection, polka dots are so pretty. It's a great feeling when you find treasure like that in the charity shop, they must have had your name on them.
    Ann x

  4. Jammy thing!!
    They are lovely I have some side plates and cups and saucers..same/similar - they were from Asda a few years ago...I love the toast rack x

  5. A lovely collection it is too. I have one bowl which I think matches that collection, it was Johannas bowl which she bought for work but since brought home. I do love the spots they make me happy!

  6. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I know, our GReyhound certainly is a big dog :) He is so lovely and gentle, and loves cuddles, even at his size.
    How amazing that you have managed to find all those matching bits and pieces, it's such a great style, I don't think you'll ever get tired of it. It just goes to show that patience does pay off.

  7. Hello!
    Just found you while browsing,and now following.
    I love rooting round the charity shops,and like you, have found things that match by chance.Love spots too!


  8. What a lovely little collection. Lucky thing!

  9. Thanks for popping by!I love your chairs on a previous post!Especially the pink one! I painted some shelves with gloss and they took 3 days to dry!You lucky thing finding all that polka dot loveliness!
    Rachel x

  10. Ohooo I have scrolled back and yours are lovely. I do quite like the idea of them going in the garden as they have that lovely weathered look don't they, mmmmm haven't really thought about where actually I am going to put them ;) shall probably be wrapped in the tissue for months knowing me ;)

    I suppose they were meant for kitchens but dunno, not sure they would look right in mine