Tuesday, 19 January 2010

its been a hard days night!!

well last night was not a night that i want to repeat in a long time..but hey we'll give it about 6 weeks and im sure it will happen again!

our baby has suffered from chest infections since he was born.. mostly around the time he is cutting a tooth.. he tends to get wheezy, ( is that how you spell it!!??) and his little chest makes all sorts of rattleing sounds..
over the holidays he had two bouts of antibiotics for this and hes had inhalers by the bucket load!!
so last night was a bit worse than usual his poor little ribs were really protuding from his little body and he was really struggling to breathe.. its so frightening when this happens as you just feel so helpless .. we rang the nhs direct who contacted the ambulance and they came pretty sharpish...
so off i trot in the amublance with a screaming baby.. at around 10pm.. having been in work till 7pm and still not having had my tea ( I'm so selfish arnt i!!).. the ambulance got about 10 mins away from hospital and decided to break down. so then we had to wait until another one could come and pick us up.. ( I'm now imagining looters trying to over turn the ambulance for all the medical equipment and drugs inside.. getting slightly worried at this point.. by the way i don't live in the ghetto so don't ask me were the looters were coming from!!)...
the next ambulance arrives and takes us to the hospital were for 4 hours we sat in the children's A&E Dept.. the baby suddenly decides hes alright and starts running around the ward wearing just his nappy and carrying my mobile phone ( even though theres signs every were telling you not to use mobiles!) but then again gets a high temp and rattly chest..
then we were sent up to the children's ward.. which is fair enough...but first of all.. they put me in a wheelchair and i have to hold him ..at this point he is wrapped in a sheet.. i felt mortified.. if anyone had saw me they would have thought that i just given birth to the worlds largest new born baby I'm sure of it ! and the nurse pushing me was tiny.. i did apologise for not having started my diet before she had to push me.. she did sound out of breath by the time we reached the ward!!
so once again we were in the children's ward were baby is wide awake, and I'm soooo tired.. its now about 6am and they send us down to the x-ray dept.. on my own i might add pushing the baby in a pram they have found from somewhere !!!.. so here i am walking through hospital corridors frightening myself by the reflection of myself in the windows..thinking theres bound to be a mad man sitting in wait to get me .. do i watch to many dramas on TV.. i really think i must!..
well i got lost about 3 times.. ended up in the wrong x-ray dept.. how many are there in one place..
10pm we went in last night.. 5.30 pm we left today... !!!!!!!
so anyways turns out bubs is OK.. well hes not.. hes still wheezy and rattly and is now on yet again another inhaler.. i just wonder how many times we have to go through this before they say yes we do think its asthma that he has!
i really do believe that he has asthma and probably with regular use of an inhaler we wouldn't have the problems with his chest that we have.. its soooo frustrating and frightening for him as well. seeing your baby in pain is just horrendous isn't it..
at the minute we've settled him off hopefully for the night as he really is in need of a good nights sleep.. the big brother is at my mother in laws for the night so he hasn't got him waking him up at some ridiculous hour playing with his cars!!

anyways sorry to bore you with my night of hospitalisation .. but i really felt the need to write it down.. call it sleep deprivation .. Ive still not gone to bed but when i do.. I'm in for a treat haha..
i have put on my bed my new ( well obviously not new.. but new to me.. !) throw for my bed.. I'm in love.. its so pretty..

just look at the detail around the edge and in the middle.. i love it...

now my bedding is white and this does have a cream background so I'm going to have to sort out the pillow situation as i don't want it to end up looking dirty against the white!! honestly the dilemmas!!
so i think for tonight its going to be an early night in my cosy pajamas.. some trashy mags

and perhaps a hot chocolate

tomorrow work have told me not to come in so its just going to be a snuggly day with me and the baby.. we hopefully we'll catch up on our sleep.. honestly being a mum is a full time job and a half isnt it.. but i dont think id have it any other way !!!!


  1. Ohoo Charl I know where you are coming from. We have exactly the same problem with O and his chest. Did they mention steroids to you at all. I think in my case they are loathe to say as to whether O has Asthma or not, too little, and his seems to be very croupy, there are weeks when he has never needed his inhaler, which we have had to change, the Ventolin was making him hyper, a common factor, he literally would be climbing up the walls.

    As for his chest it is getting better, the winter months are the worst and as soon as a cold is coming on with him I give his inhalers as colds seem to bring on his bad chest. Of course I have the question of him having been ventilated at birth to consider too.

    Hugs huge hugs from me, I know you shall be being well looked after and hopefully your experience is one you shall never have to go through again


  2. Oh HUGE HUGS to you hunny!
    Its always the way..as soon as they go into Hospital they miraculously get better!! Sounds like an eventful night! Relax and Enjoy your yummy looking Hot Choc, babe x Big hugs to your lil man hope he gets better soon xxxx

  3. Oh, you poor things! I really feel for you having all those weird experiences on top of your worry for your baby. Things get so surreal at times. We have various child and adult health problems too so I know how weird it can get. So good to see you getting pleasure out of special things like your lovely throw - there is a lot of good in life too!

  4. Mother really does know best in these circumstances.What a horrible experience for you.I did laugh at the 'looting ambulance' thing because I would have been exactly the same...my imagination plays havoc.I always dread having to go to A and E in the middle of the night,as you hear awful stories of drunks running wild etc.Hope your little one gets better soon.Lovely bedspread!Have a relaxing day after all the drama.


  5. Poor you! Sounds awful. I really hope everything is better very soon.