Saturday, 30 January 2010


did you use to watch Heartbeat as a child.. not the one set on the Yorkshire dales with "Greengrass" and all sorts of different 1960s policeman .. but the childrens art programme with Tony Heart!!??

aww i use to love it anyways.. one of my favourite bits was the children's pics that were sent in and they would have the gallery .. i always wanted to send in a picture with my name underneath.. Charlotte age 8... at the time though i just wanted to draw wedding dresses or princesses so i doubt they would have showed one of my paintings!!..

anyways i have been collecting a few pictures over the past year.. as i kind of wanted to re-create the wall of flowers that is featured on the lovely Posy blog that I'm sure you all read..

well i finally got bored of my plain ol wall and figured i had enough to fill it..

..but then i got scared..lacked the confidence of filling the wall completely with pictures so just settled on a few for now.until i got used to seeing a few prints on the wall. this wall has been completely empty since i decorated in April

anyways I'm pleased with the result.. its like my little own heartbeat gallery .. and i feel like it brings the room in a bit more whereas before it felt a bit sparse !!

this is one of my faves... i painted the frame cooking apple green by farrow and ball .. and i think the green of it works really well with the Albert Williams print..


  1. I loved Tony Hart and the 'gallery' and that music that they played along when they showed the drawings.He seemed such a nice man,a gentle character.
    Your choice of pictures is perfect for that once empty wall and the frame colours just right.I have a wall of pictures/paintings in the sitting room of places we've visited over the years.
    Enjoy your weekend and keep warm!


  2. It looks fantastic I too adore posys wall of flowers and would love to have something similar if only I owned enough prints .The pale green looks really pretty
    I do remember heartbeat I think it is far better then the modern day childrens art programs

  3. these look so positve on a horrible January day!

  4. Oh wow, I love that! It looks stunning, and I love the chest of drawers as well :)

    Mel xxx