Thursday, 7 October 2010

By candlelight

the hubbys out, the kids are in bed.. i thought i would have a much needed soak in the bath..

turned the light switch on and the bulb popped.. the only spare bulb i could find was an economy one.. i put it in..urgh.. the light now felt like i was in a cell.. or i was about to be tortured.. i know that economy bulbs are the way forward blah blah..but do they have to be so darn ugly!!

so i lit a few candles instead .. and had a candlelit bath.....

ahhhh bliss it was... the light is so much more forgiving for a start!!.. and every were just feels so cosy..

just thought id show you a couple of pics.. to be honest as usual with my photographing skills every were looks dank and gloomy and not warm and cosy..but it did look nice in real life ... promise!!!

don't you just love my cosy pj's .. they are only Primarks best but they are so soft and lovely and more importantly covered in roses!!.. the hubby says i look like I'm in camouflage when Ive got these on around the house as everywhere is rose inspired isn't it!!

no that is ET in the window.. ( looks quite scary now im looking at it more!... its my hanging heart candle holder!!)

and it was a lovely bath.. wasn't interrupted by children once.. got to read my book in a big bubble bath.. bliss !!!


  1. Love the wallpaper...CK! YAY.....xx

  2. It looks so like bathtime should be - pretty & cosy! Love the rosy pyjamas!

    sharon xx

  3. It all looks so lovely,cosy and romantic.I just adore your pretty wallpaper!I must get to Primark..and I MUST get one of those heart candle holders. :o)

  4. Charl, what a luxury! It looks so lovely. Oh, I wish we had a bath :( Love the roses, Tamara x

  5. How wonderful!
    Candlelight is just the best.
    Here in Sweden...most people use candlelight on a daily takes a bit of getting used t, but I LOVE IT!
    I have several of the heart tea light holders in our summer house aren't they great?
    Your candle chandelier is fabulous.
    I reckon you should be kind to yourself and make this a weekly ritual, nothing quite like a bit a ME time.
    Have a lovely weekend with your family
    BTW Would love for you to play along next week TUESDAY THROUGH...THE WINDOW, come on over and join in if you would like to ;-) no pressure lol! x

  6. ;-)) It looks lovely and i know just what you mean about having a relaxing bath all on your own.Glad to hear you had a relaxing evening. Dee x

  7. That looks so pretty and soooo relaxing! =)

  8. I am so in love with your bathroom it looks even more lovely by candle light .
    thanks for your comment and in reply to your question I used four feather/down cushions that I had spare .
    xx fee

  9. Looks lovely! nothing beats candlelight and having some child free moments!

  10. Looks fab! Absolute blissetts! (A little word me and Mr B made up!)
    Z xx

  11. A bath by candlelight, lovely. I've got the same PJs as you! x

  12. wow we are very similar :) I have florally wallpaper in my bathroom and a candleabra too :O) there's nothing nicer than a candlelit bath. Enjoy x