Tuesday, 19 October 2010

New House

would you like to have a look at my new house...??

you would... oh good!!

well come through the front door....

perhaps have a look out of the window...

its not the best of houses when you are on a diet as you can eat your roof tiles and window sills!!

haha.. how cute is this.. my mum bought it the other day and thought of me when she saw it..
its a little candle holder..

the thing is i really would love a little house like this but in big real life form!!..

i think my ideal home would be a real cosy little cottage...but then i think it would have to have a big extension built on the back so i could have a huge kitchen with a great big dresser and bubblegum pink aga!!

oh and it would have to be pink with roses around the door...

whats your ideal house.


  1. Sounds pretty much like yours! Very cute candle holder,will be lovely on a table at Xmas too. :o)

  2. aww thats so sweet. Mine i have a few sometimes i dream of a little cottage by the sea somewhere alone from everybody so i could make time stand still. Other times i dream of a 50's art deco build in a street that hasn't changed. Then a little cottage in the country with the woods and fields all around. But love the idea of a pink aga and roses, can i have that to please ;-)) Dee x

  3. Your house is so cute, I would like to live in that, Hee Hee! I live in a very small cottage in the country and although I wish it was bigger I like where I live because I have a lovely view out of every window, but if I had lots of money I would love a Gothic Manor House or a large lodge house with big tall chimneys and stone mullion windows and an oak panelled room would be nice too. Id also like a Scottish castle or maybe even a lighthouse as I would like to live near water (I dont want much do I?) LOL! A coloured Aga is lovely and Pink is my favourite colour, but when I bought my Aga I chose the Pewter because it goes with anything, even though I quite liked the lilac one at the time. I wish my kitchen had been big enough to fit a four oven but I only have a two so I would really love to have a huge kitchen to fit in an equally huge Aga X

  4. Oooooooh you would like the new White Stuff catalogue. It dropped on my mat this morning and it has the most gorgeous Hansel and Gretel house in the photo shoots!

    My favourite house would be a New England self build. With a verrandah, a big consevatory (like the one in Practical Magic), and a big wash room that could hide a multitude of mess! I would be very, very happy with that!


  5. Very Hansel & Gretel! I really love it, and with a candle in it will have a fab glow of warmth too!

  6. Very sweet gingerbread cottage! Did it come with a witch? Tee hee!
    ¸.*´¸.**´¨) ¸.**´¨)
    (¸.*´ (¸.*´* LORI LYNN *

  7. OOhh, I'd love a bubblegum pink aga too! The candle cottage is too cute, Tamara x

  8. That house is just the cutest little gingerbread house. Would love to nibble that roof hehe.
    Dream house would be a little farm cottage with cows for neighbours and an open fire and space for a campervan and loads of trees and.... must stop dreaming now.

  9. LOVE IT!
    They are too cute hun...Must Visit your Shops...you always get a great bargain!!!
    Giving away a Vintage style Birdcage veil Fascinator on my blogshophun so feel free to pop in x x
    Annie x