Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The real thing!

I bought this little sugar bowl from my local charity shop the other week.. Ive been meaning to tell you about it as i think its so pretty..

they have started selling a little range which includes a little mixing bowl and a butter dish..

pattern looks a bit familiar don't you think!

it reminds me very much of the Cornish Ware which i do really like but if i do see any i find its a bit expensive as the seller gets a bit carried away with the pricing of it!!.
anyways i bought this as my pretend Cornish Ware and i thought about buying the other little things that the charity shop sell each week so i have my own little collection!!

well then on Saturday me and the hubby and the two boys went and had a mooch round some charity shops in a little village near to us ( they are quite posh there so the shops tend to have lovely things in!!) and what did i see when i stepped in .. but blue and white stripes..
my heart lurched as it does when it realises that something special is on the shelves!

so i abounded the pram in the middle of the shop and bounded over.. and yes it was CornishWare cups and saucers
7 of each and for £10...that's right £10 for the lot what a bargain i just had to have them didn't i...

so off we went around the other shops and then came home.
once we were home i went out and opened the car boot door to get the bags out and out fell a bag... containing the saucers.....eeeeeeeeeek

2 broke... i nearly wept .. i have to admit i did shout a bit at the hubby who had loaded the car up..i couldn't believe it . it was like the time we bought a Le Cruset casserole dish from TK Maxx and when we were putting it into the car the lid fell off and cracked.. i nearly had a nervous breakdown at that one... (but i was pregnant at the time so hormones could be blamed for that one... this time i was just totally fuming!!)

here's the poor darlings.. looking very sorry!!

but i have to say...we still have five saucers and I'll just have to have a look around for two more wont i.. it will give me a challenge i suppose!!

They are lovely arnt they.. that colour and stripe combo is such a happy one isnt it..


  1. WOW!!!!
    Fantastic bargain....I love Cornish ware!
    I've a few bits mainly cracked, chipped but I still love em!
    I'm sat here watching the Quiet Man....bliss!xx

  2. Lucky you to find them at such a bargain!
    You would pay that at least for 1 cup n saucer on ebay...shame that 2 saucers smashed...but I would defo look on ebay. I have collected some Cornish Ware over the years and I have picked up oddments from ebay.
    Have a great week ahead

  3. what a wonderful collection! i love cornish ware too- though like you say can be very pricey if its not found in the car boots, markets or charities...I love the blue and white stripes!...last year i found the local cheapy shop were doing blue and white stripey tins- from a distance they look like the real thing!!!!...you have such a lovely blog!
    and your dressers are sooooo pretty x

  4. They still look lovely though and it is a great find. I live in the Czech Republic and miss UK charity shops so much. I hope you find some more bargains.
    Are you a TK Maxx lover too. It is another of my most missed shops for the clothes and crockery etc.
    I also love collecting bits and pieces for my dressers. I have inherited some cute things from relatives here which are on my blog.
    Love your pretty house. x

  5. What a lovely find in the CS!I'm so sorry the saucers broke..that happened to me with one of the little jugs I love to collect..I dropped it and the handle broke off(it was one of my favourites too!)I have a few bits of Cornishware that I only paid a few pounds for.
    Keep looking...they're out there somewhere,and that's the fun part,you never know when,or where they'll turn up! :o)

  6. O dear bless you i would have been gutted as well, they are lovely and my heart would have lept to ;-) I know the feeling i found a gorg set of 6 limegreen frosted 1950's glasses with matching jug i got it to the door of my house put my bags on the floor to get my key out and knocked the bag the handle on the jug was shattered to say i wept well it was heart breaking lasted for all those years an i crack it. Aww well things are set to try us. Enjoy them ;-) Dee x

  7. Lovely pieces and what a bargain! Sorry to hear that a couple arrived broken, maybe you could pop then in the garden or use them for mosaic. The sugar bowl is tooo cute. Tamara x

  8. Oh dear, never mind like you say, it gives you a challenge!

  9. Eeeeekkkkk - I think the air would of been blue if that had happened to me.

    Love the Cornishware - those stripes are so mesmerising.

    nina x

  10. I have same sugar bowl which is inherited, also some cute things from my grand mother and some of from relatives also.
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