Saturday, 9 October 2010

The Snowman

last year i found an old bureau in a skip, it was from the 1930's i blogged about it here

anyway i lived with it for a while as the dark oak but to be honest it just wasn't me. the wood was to dark for me, i found it to be quite ugly ..

so i slapped a bit of classic cream satin wood paint on and it was so i bought a darker cream ( or so i thought) and this was the same.. so i ended up consulting the farrow and ball paint chart and picked "Clunch".. ( which incidentally is the same tin of paint i used to to paint my new fire place) well it really didn't make any difference.. in fact it came out the same colour ( whereas on the fireplace it is darker.. strange hey!) ..

id taken the handles off and it kinda lived like that for a while. .i really lost interest in this piece of furniture which really isn't like me..

we started to refer to it as the snowman.. because looking at it with its roundness it really does resemble a snowman!!!
especially with the bun feet haha..

anyway last month i bought some glass lookalikey handles from Homebase.. popped them on and i think although it still does look a bit snowman'sh ( we also referred to it as a SMEG fridge and a photocopier!!) it looks much prettier than it did before and the handles do finish it off..

so there you go in the pretty vintage household we don't need to wait for the snow to have our very own snowman!!


  1. It's great how a coat of paint can transform some ugly old brown wood .... beautiful snowman and so useful.

  2. LOL! The Snowman!
    It's great and I love the glass handles...

  3. haha this is cute and made me giggle :) x

  4. Much improved me thinks!
    Although I think it's screaming out for a touch of atistry/decoupage or something don't you?
    I do like the Homebase handles.

    Sandie xx

  5. it looks like a very useful snowman and is looking superb after its face lift
    xx fee

  6. The transformation is amazing! The handles look gorgeous too!

  7. Love the 'snowman', so much cuter now! Tamara

  8. made me smile, it looks rather cute, will be great at xmas time. in a skip you say, how brilliant! x

  9. a lovely snowman looks much nicer. I love old wood furniture but sometimes it just doesn't work, you were so right to paint it, it looks fab. Dee x

  10. WOW I love it, it's stunning! I have one myself, for years, but I keep putting off painting it as I think it will take too long but after seeing that I think I better dig it out and finally get it done :o) I bet you're tickled pink with it. I just love the 'snowman' chunky legs too - soooo cute !!

  11. What a lovely looking snowman, love his new handles.
    Ann x

  12. love it. Such an improvement. I wanted 'clunch' for our living room for no other reason than I loved the name! It didn't work with the wallpaper, so we went for 'string' instead, but I still love the name. Clunch. Totally brilliant.

    I've got the exact same handles on my wardrobe doors, and agree they make the world of difference. Mine came from B&Q, and I must just tell you. Yesterday one came off the metal base! I just glued it back on with superglue and it was perfectly fine again. Had a comedy moment when I was opening the door, it came off in my hand and I just stood there going 'ooh, it's come off in me hand'!

    Love the bathroom piccie on the right.Looks gorgeous. Hard, hard work, revamping a bathroom isn't it? But fab when it's done.

    Have a great week xx

  13. That looks fantastic, especially with the new handles. And calling it the snowman made me giggle :) x

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