Friday, 15 October 2010

A corner

i love looking around my house and knowing that most of it has come from charity shops, carboot sales, flea markets and freecycle..
i think it gives me a sense of achievement that its not all out off the same page and that its been recycled, restored.. and re -loved!!...

heres a little corner that pretty much most of it has been thrifted or bought at a lower price!..
just a little corner but a nice snuggly cosy corner.. great for reading this corner is.. the light is just at the right height!!

first off we have my ikea bargain corner armchair.. with lovely thrifted crochet blanket and a cushion from my sister....the chest of drawers was from freecycle, i gave it a farrow and ball cooking apple paint job and added some handles that id got from the carboot

can you see the basket peeping out in the corner..this holds the days paper and any mags/books im reading at the minute!

some charity shop pics and mirrors
the tray was from a car boot and the tray cloth came out of my fave charity shop

my glass decanters which have either come from charity shops or car boots...
my glass cake stand which was a charity shop find and my glass vase from the car boot.. with a fake little rose which was from the charity shop!

the glass photo frame ive had for years
only the lamp and the two little glass dishes are new ( or were new at the time of buying!).. and even they are a few years old now!!..

so there you go. a little cosy corner for a Friday night... !!


  1. such a beautiful little corner of cozy-ness it is xxxxx i want to sit there with my book!
    i love the arm chair- i was given one (not as nice as yours) from my sisters gran-in-law a lovely old arm chair with 70's coverings- not really me- but with a staple gun and some pretty patch work styly im going to shabby chique it up abit! hehe ;0)
    love the glass ware and pretty pic's on your wall too...There is something of 'pride' when you make a home your own not just out of an ikea page! No one has that exact style and you've made it soooo your own! and boy your home looks looooooovely xxxx

  2. Hi Charl, what a gorgeous cozy corner. Beautiful! I love vintage pieces, it gives your home a real personality, instead of having the same as everyone else. Isn't it wonderful when you stumble across a wonderful new but old find. Older things are usually better made as well. I try and tell my children that it is better to buy something old because it is also good for the environment. Hope you enjoyed a great snuggle night in, Tamara x

  3. That is such a lovely cosy corner love everything about it. I have the same lamp from Wilkos it was such a bargain and reminded me of something you would buy in Laura Ashley and when I went back to buy two more for my bedside tables they had stopped selling them :( xxxx

  4. Such a pretty corner and it looks so cozy and inviting. Perfect for the time of year. x

  5. I LOVE your house! From what I have seen of it on your blog, you have style!
    Your post has made me have a look around at what I have that has been thrifted, I have a fair bit too, but I cannot resist a TK MAXX bargain every time I go in...Like today for example!!

  6. I love your cosy corner...and the way you put things together.It's all so homely and pretty.
    I very rarely buy anything new for my house either.So much more fun to discover a 'gem' in the CS or car boot! :o)

  7. Re- loved, that is a perfect way to say it!
    I have been gathering everything I can find that I love from thrift stores, garage sales .. etc this past summer. I am loving everything. Your blog is adorable!
    Have a pretty day!

  8. Gorgeous!!! You don't have to have shedloads of money to create a lovely home, and this proves it!!

    Sharon xx

  9. So lovely Charl!!! You have such a great eye for making a bargain look anything but!!!
    Love it!
    Annie x

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