Wednesday, 13 October 2010

mini makeover !!!

well its an extremely mini makeover... when you read all the beautiful blogs out there and you see the talent that people have.. this is a laugh really...

but its recycling and looking a little bit pretty at the same time so here goes!!

take one largish empty coffee jar

shove it in the sink and give it a quick rinse to get all the sticky bits left off the label off the front

take some ribbon that I'm sure your bound to have lying around...

tie it round the jar, add some nice candles.. and voila..

your very own pretty glass candle holder

and then at night pop in a tea light or medium size candle and enjoy the flickering light...

see told you it was a mini makeover..!!


  1. I have candles in glass containers everywhere..I love them. Great mini makeover!
    Perfect finishing touch that ribbon.

  2. Love the glass candle holder, so pretty!

  3. Simples!
    I'll have to beg some of those coffee jars, don't buy that brand!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Sandie xx

  4. Thats really sweet ;-) you can't beat candles at night. Dee x

  5. i love keeping jars especially the jams by Bonne maman? i think thats the name hehe...the ribbon idea is great!...i nearly have an empty coffee jar...woohoo! x

  6. great but simple- love the shove it in the sink bit !!
    Sue x

  7. I think it's the small things that count. Great idea!

    I have a giveaway on my blog by the way. ;)

  8. It might be a mini makeover, but it works to great effect. My candles get tucked I know what I can do with them!! And I'll keep a box of matches with them, y'know, just in case of emergency!!
    Z xx

  9. I love simple ideas - they're usually the best! Thank you so much for sharing this - I intend to provide one for every sill in the house, and pop a book of matches in too for emergencies!
    Not everyone is blessed with the ability to make the wonderful objects we see on clever folks' blogs, and it's lovely to see something that even a klutz like me can manage!
    Many, many thanks!