Monday, 11 October 2010

out and about

took the oldest boy to school this morning.. walked back and did a few housewifely chores and then me and the baby went out for lovely walk
the past few days have been simply glorious and it would be a crime to not take advantage of the beautiful autumnal sunshine that we have..

so i donned my comfiest brogues.. put on my new ( well to me anyways .. charity shop number!) favourite floral tea dress

and out we went...

we were out for ages .. about 2 hours, so lovely out there though and apart from one giant tantrum. ( the baby not me!) and that was only because he didn't want to get back in his buggy! we've had a lovely morning.. not rushed it was just a nice leisurely walk..

if you arnt a fan of pics of autumnal trees .. i would look away now as there a few of them coming up!

so back in and I'm just about to eat some homemade soup and some crusty bread...the baby is having a snooze .. think all the fresh air tired him out!..

first off we saw some horses..

this sign made me laugh to myself.. i started imagining robot horses in the field .. ( i am a bit strange though!)

here's the baby with hands behind head being Mr chilled!

notice the old gate posts here only one is in tact but i often wonder what were they the entrance to as now its just trees beyond them..

i love old stone walls and trees along side them.. i always pretend i live in the country side when i walk up here!!

wonder whats up these steps!!???

i love the old Victorian floor tiles

by the duck pond.
i just loved the colour of this tree against the blue sky...
one of my favourite roads.. the houses along here are rather large and grand... and gorgeous!!.
a pile of crispy the different colours mixed in we have brown, green a bit of orange and purple!
i love the way the sun is shining through the arch of the trees
through a little seated area

and then back home ... glad i wore my comfiest shoes that was a big walk!

hmmmm soup.. i know 3 slices is pretty bad isn't it.. carb overload and all but i had worked up an appetite!!

i do love this time of year.


  1. I always have more bread than soup, it's the rules!

    Love the idea of robot horses! We have 4 in the field opposite (normal ones, not robotic) My little boy loves them and hates when they disappear from view. He stands at the window making clicking noises to make them come back!

  2. Great shoes!
    Lovely walk you had, its so sunny today!
    A lovely day!xxx

  3. That looks lovely, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who's been enjoying the Autumn sunshine lately! x

  4. It realy has been lovely warm sunshine today. Looks like you had a lovely walk beauitful scenery and lovely photos, Robot horses love the sign ;-)) Dee x

  5. I would of jumped right into that pile of leaves.

    Lovely walk,

    Nina x

  6. It has been amazing weather, I loved being out in the park yesterday with my dog crunching through the leaves. That soup looks yummy, just the thing after a walk.
    Ann x

  7. It was gorgeous today wasn't it - perfect day for a long walk :)

  8. Oooh, that looks a lovely walk. I love autumn. We stayed at an amazing hotel in Cheshire recently - Peckforton castle (cheap deal on!)- and had some good walks there.