Wednesday, 6 October 2010

well almost wordless wednesday

well with my big gob i can hardly go without saying anything can i!?
i really did try and do a wordless post but i cant resist!!

here's a few new additions to the pretty vintage household!

a new light for the landing... well we've only lived here 3.5 yrs and have had a bare bulb on the landing all that time.. urgh i can hear you say..a bare bulb it must have looked like a squat!!
.. i know but i had to wait until i found the light i really wanted. and here it is.. all lit up in its glory!

please ignore the extremely ugly artex ice cream ceiling.. its my bit of retro on the ceiling!.. well i have to tell myself that!.. we bought this from Homebase and its fab.. you don't even need to do any wiring or anything just pop onto the light fitting great stuff!

a lovely little bonbon dish.. I'm trying to build up a bit more of a glass collection for my dressing table.. love the shape of this

my baragainous jacket note that it is a "La redoute" number, i picked it up for 99p.. i only bought it on Monday and Ive already worn it every day.. its come in so handy with the weather having become slightly warmer!
pea green coat not pea green boat!

my mum popped in today with this watering can for me.. isn't it the cutest.. far to nice to be used outside!!!..
we bought this last week it is Edwardian .. and its huge!!..its obviously missing the Pitcher to go with it. so I'll have to pair it up with something else for now

my new birds!!.. i cant seem to be able to a good enough picture of these delightful things .. i bought this on Saturday from a charity shop.. i didn't think it was for sale as it was hanging on the outside of the changing room.. i asked the lady and when she said "oh yes that's £2.99 " i was a little bit more than chuffed to say the least!!!

love my new tins from Wilkinson's.. they were on their own on a shelf it was like they were waiting for me to buy them!!.
this is the top of the biggest tin.. so sweet isn't it

some vintage shot glasses here.. I'm sure we've probably got some vintage tequila lurking at the back of a cupboard..!!!


  1. I love the green jacket, Redoute is fab!

    Very nice

  2. What gorg things i love the light fitting its stunning. The gorg bowl and i have to say i have so many of those frosted 50's glasses i don't know what to do with them ;-) such pretty colours.lovely finds, enjoy dee x

  3. Ohoo lovely pretties Charl :0) think we are like two peas in a pod, have a very similar bowl, bonbon dish, shot glasses AND the birdy thing, I actually bought mine at £7.50 new but when you see there are 30 little birdies on it, and a big one at the bottom with a bell on, a true bargain when you think of all the work gone in. Thanks for sharing :0) xx

  4. Gosh what a lot of pretty things!
    and some bargains too.

  5. The new light is gorgeous, you can never have too many crystals right?, and I actually like your ceiling, it looks really cool. Great finds, they are all lovely. By the way, I like to read your blogs..:) Tamara

  6. Lovely coat! I really like that shade of green

  7. Love the cute biscuit and tea and coffee tins!! :) x

  8. Oh goodness haven't you done well!
    You lucky thing.

  9. Gorgeous goodies! We had a pitcher bowl like that at work the other day with it's matching jug but our area manager managed to smash the jug, he wasn't popular I can tell you!

    Have a good weekend, am waiting for this sun the promised us. xx