Friday, 10 April 2009

Baking Bank Holiday

well if only I could say it was the weather I was talking about and that we were in the middle of heatwave.. that would be good ey!...

sorry that I'm not though I'm just talking about how we've spent today..baking!.
it all started this morning with hubby going to the co-op and buying reduced strawberries and blueberries so he could make some jam!
I could then imagine the said jam on a lovely big ol Victoria sponge so thought I'd make one.

this then ended up with my 2yr old wanting to get in on it so we made some fairy cakes,

then I fancied making some butterfly cakes as well and I thought why not top it off with some biscuits as we made double chocolate chip cookies which are gorgeous and sooo sickly!

my sister and bro in law came round to have a slice of cake and a cup of tea with us before as niece and nephew weren't with them as they were at their friends so they didn't get to try the chocolate fairy cakes.. but Ive saved them some so they can have a treaty tomorrow!

then as hubby had made tons of jam we decided to give the bread maker a whirl as we still haven't used it and thought home made bread and jam would be very nice..

the bread is lovely, and because we used olive oil its got quite a sweet taste to it, so at least now we know how to use the bread maker as well!!!

wasn't this table made for baking though!?

As we had quite a lot of the Victoria sponge left the hubs has given it out to some of our neighbours! ( they'd better give me my plates back!!)

heres the last piece!!

All in all we've had a lovely day, it was nice doing somthing all together but now we all feel a little sick now and cannot face having any tea!!!


  1. oooh what alot of goodies esp the sickly double choc cookies....lurrrrrvelly

    Oh and I love the way you have painted your chairs different colours...I want to do that but I'm on the look out for 3 different dining chairs as we too have a bench 1 side

  2. thanks hun, i really want different chairs aswell..these are just our cheapo ikea ones ( about £11 each!) i would like the country style ones and the french cafe style ones to ..just have to keep an eye out
    Oh the cookies were gorgeous to!