Sunday, 5 April 2009

night before

Well this is it.. tomorrow I start back at work.. eeek I've been off since may 2008, nearly a year,
it feels soo strange.. getting my naff uniform out of the wardrobe having my "Sunday bath!!" getting that sinking Sunday evening feeling and generally preparing myself to go back into adult world again!!
I feel nervous about going in and also a little bit sad that both of my baby's now will spend most of the week being looked after by other people, luckily I do only work Monday to Wednesday so that does make it a bit more bearable!
but hey ho I'm sure once I'm there after catching up with my work emails.. playing a bit of solitaire on the computer, having a good old gossip and catch up with the girls in the office I will be fine
I'll let you know how I get on and if my baby brain will allow me to actually work!!!


  1. Good luck for tomorrow and you seem as though you have the right balance between home and work by only working 3 days. I am a childminder and one little boy I have is here from 8 till 5 five days a week and although I love him to bits I do feel his mum is missing out on so much .... x

  2. good luck xx
    you will both be fine xxx

  3. Good Luck! the 3 days will soon be over and think of all the goodies you can buy with you earnings!

  4. Good luck, sounds like you have the perfect balance there, 3 days working, 4 days with your babies (and maybe time for more projects ?)