Friday, 24 April 2009

new bits !

I love this time of year don't you.. OK its still chilly in the mornings and evenings and sometimes in the afternoons to!!..
but at the minute that spring sunshine is really making me smile!
I'm loving the fact that about a week ago most of my plants were looking a little bit bare but now they are starting to come to life
I only have a small back yard, but it gets the sun lovely so is perfect for that afternoon break when the babies are asleep and its just me, my book and a cuppa!!
i had a little walk around before when i had a spare five minutes ( it only took me about a minute all in all!!) and had to take a couple of pics

I'm not sure what this is called but i love the pink flowers on it, you cant really see them as much on here but they are very pretty

here is my rosemary.. i never realised that it would get flowers on it so was quite surprised arnt they lovely.. we haven't used any of it this year but last year we used tons of it when we had homemade lamb burgers on the BBQ so going to start using it again, the smell is gorgeous
the lavender is looking a bit bleak at the minute though. i think that could probably do with a water!!

I'm looking forward to all my other plants and flowers coming out .. its quite exciting really when you see the first shoots of things and then seeing how quickly they come on isn't it..

oh the in laws have taken my toddler away for the weekend ( i had a real nervous tummy when they drove off with him.. silly isn't it.. but i miss him already!!)
.. so i was able to nip out to town this afternoon with just the baby. ( i don't venture into town with the two of them, its far to hard work!!!) so was nice to have a walk down with my sister
i bought some clothes for the boys and some bangles and beads for myself

i got this lovely cuff style bangle its all different shaped leaves, i thought it was really unusual and would finish off an outfit lovely.. i love quite chunky accessories, they make more of a statement,i don't think the picture does it any justice but that is down to my dodgy camera skills!!!

.. and this cup which was only 29p and i thought had quite a vintage retro pattern to it!!

i love cups, I'm always on the look out for a cup when I'm out and about!!!

hope you all have a good weekend and pick up lots of bargains at any of the carboots you might get to..
im saving meself for the may bank holiday ones, theres got to be some treasures waiting for me there!!!


  1. Rosemary is gorgeous for its scent and pretty little flowers, it is one of mother nature's antisceptics like lavender and together they make a lovely refreshing foot bath for tired feet after a day of car booting. Just put some sprigs into boiled water and let them infuse for a while and then sit back and have a good old soak x

  2. thanks for the tip love.. i shall give it a try!

  3. what a lovely bangle! Your rosemary is so pretty too

  4. I bet you are missing your toddler - it's really hard when they aren't there, but it's lovely for them to have sleepovers. Bet it goes really well.
    I love the bangle - how special is that. and you were lucky to pick up the mug so cheap. Lovely colours. xxx

  5. Thanks so much for popping by and leaving your lovely comment abou the shop. x

  6. It's so nice to see plants coming back to life, I've only got a small yard too but it looks so much better now Spring is here, and I might splash out on a few plants this weekend too (in between going to boot sales of course)