Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Rock-A-Bye Baby!!

hellooo there well not had much chance to write my little blog the past week!!

family life just takes over doesn't it and there never seems to be a minute to spare

this week the baby is really suffering with his teeth, he has bright red cheeks.. a wheezy chest and keeps being sick.. the poor little bubs.. hes having a little nap at the minute so thought I would use the couple of minutes break to come on here
I'm actually off work today because he goes to nursery now but theres no way he could have gone in.. ( its actually really nice.. being off though especially when its sunny!!) I felt so bad ringing into work and telling them though I wasnt coming in.. Ive only been back 3 weeks!!.. luckily I have a very lovely manager who is very understanding!!

haven't really bought much pretties this week, with being back in work i haven't had the chance to get to the charity shops as much, I did think id do a big shop at the weekend but didn't, well we went round a couple of charity shops on Saturday but as we were faffing around all day we didn't get out until about 4pm so most of them were shut!!..
i got this lovely little candle holder, its got lovely etching on the side.. which i think once theres a lit candle in there it will really look pretty.. I'm going to put this in my bedroom.were I'm trying to build up a nice glass collection

and i got this picture for my landing.. its quite modern really for me but i thought the pattern was lovely and it feels like its been hand painted, it probably isn't mind but it was only a pound so want really complaining!!

last night the hubby went to pick up this rocking chair that we had got from freecycle, we didn't realise it was SO big!!

originally we had got it to put in the boys bedroom for late night feeds, rocking them back to sleep etc but then we realised that they would just end up wreaking it, our 2 yr old is pretty heavy handed with things so Ive decided to keep it in the living room for now..
now the cushions have recently been re-covered and are very nice but the pattern is a bit dull for our room and the colours don't do anything for me.. so i think i may sand back the varnish of the wood and i might paint it a pale green ( surprise surprise!) or a dark red, and then make some over covers in perhaps a red gingham or ticking stripe, I'm not sure yet..
its very comfy though its a fab chair just look at the back of it..

Ive always wanted a rocking chair from when i was quite little, if we went to someones house and they had a rocking chair i didn't get out of it until we were leaving!!

but i think it will come in very handy, i was sat in it before rocking the baby back to sleep and it seemed to do the trick
honestly aren't some people so generous with the things they give away,

well hope your'e all enjoying the sunshine, how lovely has it been the past few days, it just makes you feel so much better doesnt it!


  1. I hope your little fella is feeling better soon. Poor thing.

    I love your rocking chair, it looks like a lovely, sturdy one. We have on in our living room and it is so cosy. I shall look forward to the make over. :)

  2. thanks lovely.. hubby doesnt want me to paint it but it kinda reminds me of a blackpool guest house so it needs painting!!!
    have u got pics of yours???