Thursday, 23 April 2009

a pretty post

went for a little wander up to town yesterday when i was on my lunch hour, it was so nice being able to look round the shops with out my HUGE bag that contains 3 nappies, change of clothes for baby, bag of wipes, water bottle, snacks for baby getting in the way !!!..
plus crying baby and buggy!! ( although a pram is great for holding lots of goodies!)
instead i had my little gold slouchy bag and just myself for company!!

i bought a few things so thought id have a pretty post to show you

i bought this throw for our bedroom..its quilted and was only £2.50 which i thought was a bargain,
not sure if I'm that keen on the colours though.don't know if they might be a bit cold looking, you know what i mean??!!

i picked up this little round box which I'm going to keep my pins in as i keep finding them all over the place which isn't so good when you've got a baby learning to crawl!!

i picked up this wash bag as well which i thought i would come in useful for holding medicines etc i thought it was a bit CK'esque..don't u think!..

Ive been looking at this sampler for a while in the junk shop but at £4 i thought it was a little bit expensive ( honestly I'm so tight arnt i!)..but then when i thought about it yesterday, the frame is quite a good solid one, just needs a paint up and if i was going to make my own it would probably cost me more so i bought it
i think the picture is really sweet, and will probably look a bit brighter once the frames done up in either blue or red ( this depends on which room its going in!)

oh and here's the pillowcases i bought for 25p from the bank holiday car boot sale in situ on my bed ( they are the pink ones behind my white ones) i love the pretty edging on them, i wish i had bought a few more now as the ladies selling them had more,oh well maybe next time


  1. Now you must know how Jellious I am of your Home Sweet Home sampler, I shall keep looking and hopefully find one one day, can you hear me playing my violin ;)

    Is one of my to find treasures, well done on finding it :) and I think the quilt is gorgeous too. Well done you


  2. I think the throw is lovely Charley, not too cold! Very pretty! Love your pillowcases too. Well done on your fab finds xx

  3. Oh all your things are so lovely xx Well done

  4. Oh some lovely finds. I am searching high and low for a Home Sweet Home anything around these parts!

    Beautiful throw, I don't think it is too cold, infact after seeing the photos of your bedroom on SC Cafe I think it'll look terrific. :)

  5. mary and thrifty.. i promise that i'll keep an eye out for a home sweet home sampler for you both and if i see one i'll get it ok!!

  6. Great bargains, I'd have bought them all too!
    Well done.

    Love and blessings