Thursday, 9 April 2009

must do it more often!

well i must return to work more often!!, presents and jobs done in the house galore!!!
first i got the lovely flowers of hubby on my first day back, then the other day my mum bought me this lovely jug and bowl,

i think its just really pretty, the colours look lovely together,

i had seen this in the charity shop on my way to work ( well you have to have a quick look don't you!) but didn't have enough money on me, i asked the charity shop ladies if they would put it away for me but they couldn't as they just didn't have any room in the back ( even took me in to the back of the shop to prove their point!!) so i was telling my mum this later on and the next thing i knew she'd popped in and bought it for me anyways as a present!!!...
( when i was in the back of the charity shop there was sooo much stuff there .. i would have been like a kid in a sweet shop if they'd let me stay there amazing!!!)

so at the moment it is sitting on my bathroom window sill.. i had thought about putting it in my bedroom as the colours are perfect but i couldn't find the right spot for it.. I'm sure it wont stay here for long though!!

do you remember the little key holder i bought the other weekend that i was going to make
well here it is.. painted and up on the wall.. its really handy for holding the post as well.. so I'm glad that i got it now.. still haven't got the mirror for it but couldn't wait to put it up on the wall!

then i finally bought a nice frame for the picture that id got in the charity shop a couple of months ago now.. it was in a real horrible cheapo frame that was falling apart, so has been lying under my bed for a while

so glad that i just got a nice plain frame for it as i think it goes really well in the hallway, it sort of matches the mirror in a way! i don't usually like this style of picture either but i like the colours that are used here, kinda muted a bit like myself ha ha!!


  1. How lovely that you have had some lovely treats on your first week back to work.


  2. Thanks v much for your comment, you're right it is hard when children are involved. I don't care so much if I'm upset but upset my girls and I get really mad!!!

    Mel xxx

  3. Ooh lucky you! I love your key holder. Im on the look out for one too, yours is so cute! X

  4. I LOVE all your cakes!! I wish I could pop round for some tea and cake!

    Just to warn you not to leave your car keys in that at night. There's a big thing now where robbers poke things through the letter box and grab keys. You'd be amazed how many peeps leave keys right by the front door!

    You lucky girl, you could leave again (get some leaving pressies) and then come back and get more pressies! :-)