Thursday, 2 April 2009

How do you use yours!

well Ive been very lucky to get from freecycle, a brand new Morphy Richards bread maker!!
I'm so pleased as i have wanted one for ages

hubby went to pick it up last night for me, Ive been looking at it and to be honest I'm thinking it looks a little complicated.. I'm sure its not and once I get started using it it will get easier!!

it is rather large though.. not sure were I'm going to keep it.. as I'm not a big fan of appliances being out.. only pretty things!!.. it looks like one of Darth Vader's soldiers out of stars wars as well!

I just wondered if you had one, and how do you use it, do you just make plain old white bread or anything more exotic !!!!

Ooh I am going to become such a domestic goddess soon, my children will wake up to the smell of baking bread !!!!....( usually its burnt toast!)

here's a couple of other buys that i got yesterday from flea market

this is a little sweetie jar.. and when I got home and opened the lid , it did have little sweets in.. think I might take them out though as I don't know how long they've been there!!!

this sweet little padded heart as well for 30p, i asked the man how much it was and he said 50p, then his wife interrupted and said "don't be daft , 30p!" and raised her eyebrows to me..don't you just love a strong woman!!!

I'm loving hearts at the minute, in fact i think i might make another one later! ( well have a go.. just cant get mine to have neat edging!)

then when I had nipped into Wilkinson's to get a cheap gloss roller to do my little cupboard i spotted these mugs.. I think they are lovely, they are china as well .. and are quite wide really.. ooh imagine these filled with hot chocolate and a big pile of squirty cream on top!!!
right im off to have some breakfast, might pop in later aswell oo you lucky things!!!


  1. Wow that was lucky picking it up on Freecycle! I bet lots of people were interested in it. I got mine at a boot sale last year, used it every day for a week then put it away and only use it occasionally now. Funnily enough I made some bread this morning and had it with HM tomato soup. They do take up space, I'd rather see a nice pink Kitchen Aid in it's place in my kitchen :)

  2. Bought my panasonic new over a year ago and its been in use virtually every day since. The mould inhibitor in commercial bread has been linked to stomach cancer so I feel better eating homemade bread. In the past 12 months I've bought only one loaf and that was cos I was in hospital and wasn't around to put my breadmaker on. I make white bread, granary bread, banana bread and have just bought a wonderful book at a booty with lots and lots of easy peasy recipes.

  3. I love a bargain, especially at 30p, even better when it's free!
    Well done!

    Love and blessings

  4. Your buys are gorgeous esp the mugs and little ceramic pot...must pop into Wilkos...
    We used to have a bread maker but as you say they are such a large item and ours only produced what I would call a small sized loaf so it ended up in the shed then the bin as it went rusty....but the types of bread we did make were glorious esp when hoy mmmmmmmm xx

  5. They are vey easy, you take the loaf basket out(very important as you mustn't get the internal elements dirty) carefully measure ingredients, put basket back in and switch on! We have a compact one that makes jam too, it lives in our dresser and we use it on our dining room table. Which reminds me, I must start using it! :-)

    My hearts looked like that for ages, then I found this pattern. I don't use it to the letter, but reading it made me realise where I was going wrong. :-)

  6. here's the pattern!

  7. thanks for the link love.. im going to print it out tomorrow and have a go with that template.. i think free hand might not be a good idea!!

    still havnt used the bread maker yet dont know what im afraid of !!!