Tuesday, 21 April 2009

question time

this is been on a few blogs that ive read now so im having a go!!

i am a bit of a saddo when it comes to these type of quiz/question thingies.. im the geek who always fills in the email ones and then sends them round to everyone even though i was the last to get it !!!

50 Questions...

1. Are you wearing a hat?

2. Bottled water?
no just plain old corpy pop for me !

3. Do you have a crush on someone right now?
brandon flowers from the killers everytime ...oo and a little bit of david beckham to

4. What kind of computer do you have?
a dell pc one.. ( i think ..not so techy minded!)

5. Do you prefer writing in pen or pencil?
i love pen.. blue ink though . black ink always looks scruffy

6. Who was the last message in your inbox
a freecycle offer

7. What’s your favorite season?
summer .. lovely sunny mornings and hazy evenings

8. Does your best friend have a boyfriend or
A husband

9. Do you like Tea?
only when ive just given birth! and then its the one thing i want..other than that no!

10. Favorite radio station?
Q radio, lots of music hardly any talking!

11. Type your name into Google. What's the
first site that appears?
somthing to do with music publishing

12. What’s your favorite song at the moment?
use somebody by kings of leon

13. Coke or Pepsi?

14. Favorite subject in school?
art and design

15. Last concert?
the killers

16. Next concert? v festival... a whole weekend of concerts!.

17. Last magazine you bought?
country home and interiors

18. Last book you read?
this charming man by marian keyes

19. Do you prefer cats or dogs?
20. Is there someone you want to punch right
nah.lifes to short!!
21. Favorite sports team/sports person?
liverpool/ torvil and dean (joke!)

22. Country you most want to visit?
greece...would love to recreate our honeymoon again as it was perfect

23. Are you a Blogger addict?
a little bit!!!!!!!!!

24. When do you shower?
morning and evening..

25. What’s your dream job?
interior designer or estate agent so i could have a good nose !!

26. What kind of car do you drive?
i dont!

27. What word in the dictionary best describes
manic !

28. What’s your blog address?
dont know it off by heart..how bad is that!

29. Worst TV show at the moment?
60 minute makeover ..them people should not be allowed in your homes!

30. Are you a better talker or better

31. What your favourite color?

32. What is your favourite animal?
dont have one!

33. Are you afraid of the dark?
a little bit.

34. Is there something lacking in your life
right now?
a good nights sleep..me and the hubs havnt slept for nearly 3 years now !

35. What do you miss most about childhood?
being all together as a family

36. How many times did it take you to pass
your driving test?
have never taken one.. !

37. How many kids do you want?
I have two now..dont want 3 woudl have to have 4 but i couldnt face it just yet so we'l see!

38. Are you good painter?
not bad.. im getting better

39. Can you cook?
Yes in a fashion.. !

40. Are you a cheapskate?
a little bit . .hate paying full price for anything .

41. What would you do with a million pounds?
buy the 6 bedroom house that needs loadsa work doing to it that the hubs wont consider, and then have a lot of holidays whilst the builders were doing the major works!

42. Have you been to Disney World?
no ..would love to take our boys when they are a bit older though.. i woudl so suit minnie mouse ears!

43. How many days a month are you online?
everyday..im a bit of an addict

44. Last time you went bowling?
abouta year ago.. i hate bowling

45. Hot or cold weather?
hot..as long as im not in work

46. How many pairs of shoes do you have?

lots and lots..but never enough!!

47. Are you a shop-a-holic?
im getting better.. im only a shopaholic in charity shops now and junk shops that cant be so bad as being one on the high street!!

48. Where were you yesterday morning at 10:30?
starting my working day.. i work 10.30-7!

49. Are you afraid of the dentist?
not at all..

50. Were you bored or entertained by this
survey? Entertained. I love filling in surveys !!!


  1. Nice to know more about you.

  2. What a fabulous list! May do that.... I'll add it to the list, LOL.
    Boating is fun, but I wouldn't go while your kids are still tiny. It would be a nightmare of listening out for splashes! It's bad enough when you know they can swim. Mind you, it was me that fell in this time!!! xxx