Monday, 6 April 2009

nice suprises and outsides

well I got today over and done with.. thank you for the nice comments . and also on the shabby chic cafe for the lovely thread there for me, it made me feel much better!

you know it wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be.. i work in education and with it being half term it was pretty quiet so it gave me a chance to get use to my surroundings again,

it is strange though, i cant remember any phone numbers or staff names, but I'm sure in a week or so it will be like Ive never been away!!

the baby had a great first day at nursery, when we went to pick him up he was just sat on the carpet merrily playing with a toy, didn't look in any way fazed to see us!!

had a few nice surprises when i came home.. hubby had got me a lovely bunch of flowers and had put them in a jug and everything!!

i love getting flowers and i have to say he is pretty good at giving me flowers, be it a big bunch or just a little spray of flowers he does do it quite regularly!

here they are

Arn't the colours gorgeous.. i love the pinks, really pretty and summery,

then the lovely lalabibaby ( thanks sweetie!) from shabby chic cafe sent me a copy of this lovely magazine in the post which came today so i have had a little flick through before, and now cant wait to get set on doing my little yard over the next few weeks i want to recreate the front cover!!!

how gorgeous does that look.. all it is really is some bright coloured accessories and hanging lanterns.. Ive got this small space at the end of my yard that does get the sun.. this is what I'm going to do just with a smaller table and keep an eye out for the paper lanterns..anyone know were you can get them cheap!??..

i think i might have a go at making some bunting from my oilcloth samples to put outside aswell and some big cushions that can go on my rubbishy plastic garden chairs ( that are v comfy to sit on though..which is why im not rushing to get iron ones yet!)
anyone else got nice piccies of nice outsides that you may take ideas from for this year?


  1. Good to get that first day back out of the way! I'm glad all went well for you and the babies, well done to Hubby for buying the flowers, mine wouldn't have thought of doing anything like that!

  2. glad it went well and it will all come flooding back very soon i remember going back to work after each of my children and how a week later it didnt feel like i had been away!!!
    lovely flowers as well my hubby used to do things like that i must give him a nudge ;-)
    Lesley x (mammamia)