Sunday, 5 April 2009

is it a bird, is it a plane

or is just one of my funny shaped hearts..!!??

honestly after looking at other blogs and going onto the shabbychic cafe forum i am seriously suffering from homemade padded heart envy!!

just fancied making a little heart last night ( as you do on a saturday night!) so using some samples of material that i had got to work

well i just cant seem to get it to actually look like a nice shaped heart and my padding looks all bumpy!
i have made one before and that seemed ok but when i see pictures of what others have made they all seem to look so much better and neater!!!

what is your technique?? can you help me !!??


  1. Its beautiful Charl don't you do yourself a disservice, I love doing them with my pinking shears really easy and quick, and you know me am a lazy olde bird ;)

    When you have cut out your heart shape, I love long hearts if you know what I mean, put the two fabrics together, sew along the edge, stuff and then close the gap and cut the edges with pinking shears to look pretty, I always do mine with a button and ribbon at the top, again nice and easy.

    Have fun


  2. thanks lovely... i think i need to invest in a pair of pinking shears as i only hve rubbish old kitchen sissors at the min which arnt even that sharp!!!..
    could do with getting a nice bag of buttons aswell!!!

  3. As Mary says, don't rubbish it... it's great, and lovely choice of fabric. Her tips are brill - pinking shears are well worth it, as are a pair of sharp scissors that you only use for cutting fabric with, cos paper blunts them.
    Diary of a Tinyholder gave me some brilliant tips, one of which was to make a card template, and draw around that on the fabric. That made mine easier to make. Keep going! x

  4. aww thanks lacey!. yes she sent me that template this afternoon.. im going to print it off tomorrow and have a go..we'l get there in the end.!!!