Monday, 13 April 2009

bank holiday nearly up!

well this is a very late night posting.. having had a few hectic days I'm just having a few minutes "me" time before I go to bed so thought I would post about my bank holiday weekend..
well we had the great bake on friday which was very enjoyable! ( although saying that I did wake up with a huge bruise on the inside of my arm which must have been from holding the mixing bowl!!!)..
my postman brought me a lovely parcel on saturday morning which came from the lovely cathy from the shabby chic cafe, she got me a lovely heart candle holder from Au Naturale as the nearest one to me has shut down, its lovely and I cant wait to light a lovely sented candle and let it all light up
I've put it on the side of my curtains for now just to keep it out of sticky boys hands! isnt the green gorgeous of it aswell..

felt like being creative on saturday morning as well must have been somthing to do with the sun shining, so got to work on some bunting for my neices bedroom, I used the samples that I'd got from john lewis, their bedroom is pink so I used the material that had pinks and greens in.. was quite pleased with it..
they both have shelves above their beds so I thought that it would look nice draped over the shelves

I made two identical ones, here is one over my bedroom firplace

how nice was this weekends weather aswell.., the hubs took the boys over to the inlaws and I pottered around the house and then sat out side reading my book for a while,
spent an enjoyable evening at my sisters acting all silly and pretending we were on "americas next top model!".. now dont tell me you dont do this yourselves at all!
then onto sunday again another beautiful day,went to my inlaws were we had a lovely lunch sat in the garden.. mother inlaw had dressed the table beautifuly with pink tulips in lovely white pitchers,looked gorgeous,
then today we went to the carboot sale that is held every bank holiday in the spring/summer season.. I love this carboot as its so there is plenty to look at..
I didnt get much today really as there seemed to be lots of stalls with childrens toys/clothes and I was after little gems for the home or garden really!!
I got this little jug which I think looks a bit like carlton ware ( in my dreams!) for 20p!

my mum bought me this picture for £3 I spotted the frame first as I think once painted up that will look really pretty, and I think it will look lovely in my living room

also got a pair of lovely pale pink pillowcases with a really pretty lace edging but they are in the washing machine at the minute so will take some pics when they are dry!
oh and we bought a little bbq for £ we had the family round this eveing for homemade burgers,
i have now gone through the house and gave it a good clean and it feels all lovely again.. ( was starting to feel pretty grotty with dirty floors urgh!)
right then its defo time for bed work in the morning ( i hate saying that !)

hope you all had a good weekend aswell


  1. Lovely to hear you had a good weekend. Wish we had a bank holiday car boot somewhere close by, with all the bank holiday Mondays close together it would be handy.
    Well done with the bunting, it looks lovely.

    Love and blessings

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I love your bunting and the green heart is so pretty.

    I promise not to show any more food so I dont spoil your diet (though from your photo you absolutely dont need to be dieting) Toodle Pip X