Friday, 7 January 2011


i thought that this year i would start a little series on a Friday called Fridays Frocks!!

here I'll be showing you my fave thrifty clothes buys from the week.. i kinda lost my clothes mojo for a while and really wasn't interested in it.. i sort of lost my identity for a bit of who i was and what my style was..
Ive now realised that its vintage all the way with a bit of Primark thrown in!!..

wearing more vintage clothes also de-creases your chances of wearing the same outfit as someone else .. that's my worst nightmare...making an effort and then someone else turning up in the same outfit as you!

and i have to admit ..price does come into it as well i would much rather pay £4.99 for a lovely bit of quality than topshop/Zara prices that when it boils down to it isnt always that good quality or well made anyways!!

i have always been hated being told what to when i read the fashion mags and they tell you that the new way to wear a belt is looped so suddenly everyone is wearing their belts looped really winds me up.. i would prefer not to be in fashion and just wear what i like because i like it not because Ive been told i should like it.. ( hey check me out getting all debate like!!)

So anyway here goes.. this is the first of the Friday frocks... its my latest buy from that incredibly addictive online shopping store.. EBAY!!!..

so its a knee length brown and grey floral dress.. on a white cord background £4.99 -eBay

its so flattering on as it nips in at the waist and just falls on the knee so covers up me bumps but shows off me pins which arnt bad really!!

put with my charity shop Marks and Spencer's cord one button jacket £5.99

and Topshop brown peep toe platforms - eBay 99p

so there you have it .. the very first Friday frock..

why don't you join in .. on a Friday showcase your fave frock or top maybe even a fave pair of jeans ..its fun to be different !!!


  1. I like that dress :)

    Have decided that in 2011 I shall wear what I want too and ignore what fashion mags say I should wear!

    Found a lovely 40's inspired dress in the CS this week - roll on warmer weather so I can wear it.

  2. Thanx for your get well wishes!
    Just briefly saw your Friday blog - got to do school run in mo, but cant wait to read it properly later - looks an interesting one!!

  3. Great dress and what a bargain. The jacket would work with jeans too.
    Thanks for your comment regarding my heart cushion - it's simple to make, just get a heart template and a square template big enough. Cut out however many you need for the cushion. Hand sew or machine stitch the hearts onto the squares, then sew all the squares together. Add fabric to the back and voila! Let me know if you have a go.

  4. LOVE your ebay bargains! I think you have to wear what you like and what suits you,not what fashion dictates.
    I have found some lovely clothes in the CS's...there's no way I can afford to buy new these days!
    I'm after a classic Winter coat right now. :0)

  5. Hej Charl

    Really LOVE your style!
    I think you haved teamed everthing up together wonderfully :-)
    I LOVE cord jackets, I have a burgandy one, which has been a main stay in my wardrobe for almost 10 YEARS!!!
    Love the idea of Friday Frocks!
    Have a great weekend

  6. Gorgeous dress and a great post. Exactly how I feel about clothes/ fashion!
    I've posted up my own Friday frock.

  7. I love the dress, it has a great cut! The M&S jacket is gorgeous, I love corduoroy, it is a classic! The shoes are brilliant, I could see myself in those!!!

  8. Ohh well done you ;-)) Vintage is the only way to go in my book for a lovely individual unique look. I love it adore it infact. And i only ever by vintage skirts for day wear and vintage dresses for the evening or make my own ;-)) I love your new dress its gorg and the colours will look ,lovely on you. If i get myself motivated enough i may join in your friday frock day, i havn't joined in anything else yet in blogland mostly due to the commitment and i don't want to let anybody down. Have fun this year buying vintage it really is a beautiful excting way to buy and dress and knowing no one else will have it is a great buzz to ;-)) Dee x

  9. What fun! My only interesting action on the clothes-front for 2011 has been to FINALLY replace some broken buttons, on a second-hand jacket I'd bought, with some vintage ones. I think they look pretty good but I'll have to wait until I teach a Business English lesson before I wear it, so maybe when I've done that I'll take a photo and join you! I think your jacket looks great with that dress.

  10. oooh how lovely :D this is definately a weekly installment to watch! I love finding a bargain on ebay :D I'm an addict! hehe xxx

  11. That's a fab dress, and a total bargain. You've gotta love ebay!! Looking forward to seeing your next Friday frock!!
    Cathy X

  12. Lookin' good Charl!
    Fab dress, and I bet it looks lovely on too.