Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Roses, Hens and Knees

well that's quite a combination isn't it..roses and hens.. don't always go together you would say.. well not in the pretty vintage household.. there is a place for all !!

just thought id show you some pretties that i picked up from the charity shops today...

first off .. i got a little set consisting of a little face towel, flannel

and lovely dressing gown
... brand new .. tied up with a lovely red ribbon ( which has gone into the stash!) but obviously just been brought in as it was in a bin bag with other things by the till .. i just stuck my hand in when i saw the rose pattern and hoped that it actually wasn't someones shopping!..
isn't the trim lovely, why wouldn't someone want this!!

then i saw this cushion.. it practically sums up the theme of my house... hearts.. roses and love... it still had the label on .. so again brand new.. from Past Times so think for a £1 i got my self right bargain there didn't i!

this lovely little candle holder was hiding behind a bit of tat.. i thought it was only right that i gave it a little home.. so now its found a little home sitting on my miniature cake stand on my fireplace.. so sweet...

right that was the roses.now on to the hens!!

the hubby's gran so my gran in law!!.. bought me this egg holder.. well egg holders i should say.. little ceramic holders and i think you put the toast at the side of them when setting the table for breakfast!!..

I'm keeping it high enough for the children not to be able to reach it yet as i would like it to stay in one piece for now!!
also this spoon holder.. with the little hen design on it..

and finally.. my mum come round for breakfast on Saturday ( even though we ended up eating it about 1.30!!) and brought a tin of biscuits from Marks & Spencers..now its shortbread and for some very mad reason i cant eat shortbread as it gives me real bad headaches.. crazy i know but she knew i would like the tin so the hubby has demolished the shortbread and i have been just looking at the tin...

i love the man in the kilt with his knees all bony on show.. and the little Scottie dog.. so sweet.. again this is another tin to add to my collection !! ( how many collections is a girl allowed!!)

so thank you aswell for your suggestions for my baking spree.. please keep them coming!!!


  1. Lovely charity shop finds..well spotted! The dressing gown is so pretty.As you say,why would anyone want to part with it? I have that Scottie biscuit tin too.Not sure what I'm going to keep in yet though.
    Noooo!!...a girl can never have too many collections! :0)

  2. I need to get down some charity shops!! Might have a look tomorrow as people are obviously clearing out their unwanted xmas pressies - which was lucky for you!! I love all the rose items!

    No, I agree you can never have too many collections!

  3. Wow! Gorgeous Charity shop finds - I bet it was a wrong size Chrimbo pressie - lucky you xx

  4. what lovely things you found, so pretty and clucky, but there is no number of tins that is too many, or so I believe. I do like a man in a kilt, or so I tell my husband in the hope he will wear one.

  5. Lovely cs finds, can't believe anyone would just chuck those out! strange people about :) x