Monday, 17 January 2011

help me fill these

i have been asked to hold a coffee morning in three weeks.. i have done it before and have really enjoyed it...but i seem to have lost my baking mojo over the past few weeks and i really need to get it back!

i have done the usual coconut loaf and Victoria sponge on previous occasions but this time i really fancy doing new things ( but nothing to hard!!)

i tend to think of cupcake as something for children but I'm sure there are some lovely adulty ( is that a word !) versions of these as well...

- my mum bought me this cake stand the other day.. its just begging to be filled with pretty cakes isnt it !!

could you help me.. could you give me any ideas or your fave cake recipes that would enable me to fill up my cake stands and cake plates and help me on my road to becoming a domestic goddess haha!!!


  1. Take a look at the BBC website - they have lots of baked goodies on there. is also another good website.
    Good luck!

  2. I have a great cheat cake cases, shop bought cake (sponge, Madeira) cut into small squares.....blob of jam.....melted chocolate, pour this over them, topped with a strawberry cut in half, pop in the fridge to set.
    they taste....yummy!


    That's my recipe for ginger biscuits, which I adore, and (fortunately) everyone else seems to like, too! You don't use many ingredients but you still make 60 biscuits, so that's a real plus too! Have fun!

  4. I think you cannot beat a victoria sponge - predictable but essential too!

  5. Someone on a blog added left over mincemeat to a muffin recipe, halving the sugar. They looked lovely.

  6. Gorgeous collection of cake stands. How about buying some shop bought puff pastry, cutting into oblong slices, baking with icing sugar dusted on them at 200c for 5 mins, dust again and bake for another 5 mins. Then just add lemon cream, and scatter a few blueberries to 2 slices and stack finishing with a plain one on top (3 layers). Dust with icing sugar when all finished, yummy. xx