Wednesday, 12 January 2011

mid week mutterings

evening all....

well it was another miserable day today.. it was damp and grey and so depressing.. the upside was it almost felt like a heat wave compared to what we have had.. it was almost warm!!..
if the sun had been shining i would have been tempted to put my washing on the line!!

well anyways i felt so tired that i knew i had to get out of the house otherwise i would have wanted to go to sleep .. which would have been lovely if i didn't have a toddler running around the place. ( i do not remember having that much energy when i was a child !!)

so nipped along to the charity shops and picked up a few things.. there hasn't been anything worth buying for weeks.. i think everyone is holding on to their junk these days.. not so good for the likes of me .. who craves other peoples junk ( or tat.. as the hubby calls it!!)

spotted these lovelies after i had been looking at the shelf of brick a brack for ages.. you know when you just don't spot something even though its right there looking at you!..

i liked them because they are so faded.. they look like they've been well loved and used by children over the years.. ( also obviously not a full set..always a sign kids have been playing with them and either lost one or broke one... or both!!) but for £1.99 it doesn't really matter does it..
i love the expression on their faces ... so serious aren't they

now i do have another incomplete set of these Russian dolls .. that i bought from the car boot last year and i did have these in the living room but i thought it might look a bit much if i have two sets of Russian dolls in the same room don't you think -!!

so Ive popped these on our bedroom fireplace for now!!

picked up a Joanna Trollope book to have a read of..

i do like her.. one of my fave books is called second honeymoon and its by Joanna Trollope.. so I'm looking forward to starting this..

i bought this card to give as a thank you card to a friend.. i love the picture so much that i think i might go and buy it again and see if i can get it made bigger and hang it up in the hallway.. i love the ladies in their dresses.. I'm trying to think which one i would be !

i think my fave dress of them is the green stripe with the little scarf across the shoulders...

didn't get these today but a few weeks ago but forgot about them until i came to wipe down the tablecloth which is a piece of oilcloth and found that it had become permanently stained by tomato soup, Curry's etc.. so was looking pretty gross.. so i couldn't bear it and took it off the table.. only trouble is you only have to look at this table and its scratched or marked.. so regret buying it i can tell you.. anyways i need something for plates and cups to go on and i found these in the drawer.. these were from the charity shop brand new still in their packaging.. they are quite heavy .. i find that place mats are usually pretty flimsy and one wipe down they become soggy at the corners!!.. but these seem to be pretty robust..

i think they look pretty retro anyways and nice and fresh!!

oh and my brother finally dropped off some tea towels that he brought me the other week from good ol B&M's.. honestly i should be sponsored by that shop shouldn't i !!..
we had gone shopping my sister and i with our brother to help him get some pretty things for his house.. being a man he really hasn't got a clue..anyway we went to B&M'S and i saw these and told him he could buy me these for my trouble of helping him !!..
good job we are a close family isn't it!!
but i don't want to use them as they are just to pretty for words aren't they..

i wonder now how Cath Kidston can still be charging her over priced prices for her things when you can buy just as nice things for pence compared to her prices... suppose the quality is probably a bit better but not always hey..


  1. Thanks!!

    I suppose I can see why my Gentle Giant (12 year old son) would rather have a small bedroom and keep the chill out room! He only sleeps and gets dressed in his room, so doesn't need a large room really! Plus, he is the tidiest boy I have ever met so he keeps it so clean and tidy!!

  2. Sorry, there was only a blank blog when I left my previous comment!
    I love that thank you card, you are right - it would look great blown up! Think my fav is the orangey polka dots!
    I am v. jealous of those t-towels, I desperately need some more but am waiting to find some bargains! Just wish I could find a B&M shop! Somebody gave me their website the other day but I searched for one near me and nothing came up! What sort of area are they in?? North England?? Might have to holiday near one later in the year!! lol!

  3. aww i love the thank you card that would be great on a canvas, i have to say i love the lady on the end on the right her dress with the stripes is gorg ;-) I know what you mean about finding it hard to find things its the time of year. Get into the spring when everybody starts clearing things out and decoration and it will all hit the chairty shops again...heres hoping ;-)) dee x

  4. i got a couple of tea towels for christmas that were so lovely i refuse to use them as they will quickly become worn.....who needs pretty tea towels , everyday tea towels should be utilitarian! i am turning them into cushion covers where i can appreciate them in all their splendour for much longer..... x

  5. I'm the same.I don't like to use the pretty tea towels I find.I wanted a CK cushion but they were so expensive that I decided to use the two CK dusters I was given and made THEM into a cushion cover.
    You have found some lovely things for your house..those Russian dolls are really cute! :0)

  6. You are so right about Ms Kidston! I bought a fab pair of rosey shabby chic gardening gloves from PoundLand and they were very similar to those CK sells, even down to the leather detail!

  7. Im the same, can't use pretty tea towels, got a nice pile of them in the cupboard!
    lovely post today.