Friday, 14 January 2011


this weeks frock is another ebay purchase!!.. ( i promise that they aren't all going to be from ebay!)

it is pure vintage..even down to the lovely polyester feel on my skin!!
the hubby said i looked like a little elf when i wore it .. not sure if that's to do with my pointy ears or the festive colours on it!!

so i thought it was a very pretty dress and was delighted when i won the auction ..
i love the green and red together and the floral pattern on the skirt of the dress...

i wore it with my tan double breasted leather coat that i bought from the charity shop ..... when i was 17!! one of my winter staples and has been for years.. i think it is just growing with me!!

a necklace from Primark £2.50

bright red tights from new look £2.99

and some little heeled lace tan lace ups from the charity shop .... and were bought for me by my sister so were free!!

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  1. Lovely lovely outfit!
    Have a super weekend!xx