Friday, 21 January 2011


Well its a bit late in the day but Ive been mad busy today so it will have to be more of a Friday nearly Saturday frocks!!

first off is this gorgeous skirt that i bought from the charity shop for £2.99...
its a wrap around with the most gorgeous detailing .. the skirt is almost in layers but still with a pattern underneath the layers.. lovely!

sorry for the strange lying down shot.. but i couldn't think of a way of photographing the top and skirt together other than me wearing it and i don't want to put you off your tea!!

i put it with a orange v neck jumper from marks and spencers but i bought from the charity shop for 99p...with a black vest from primark for £1.99 underneath to preserve modesty and keep me warm to!!

a bronze very long beaded necklace from charity shop for 50p..

black brogues from primark via ebay for £7.50

topped off with my very bright pink vintage coat from charity shop £5.99

i love how the pink brings out the pink in the skirt

oo would also wear thick black tights with this outfit to..i do have orange tights but i think i may look like a liquorice allsort with the pink coat as well!!

i love this outfit.. its practical for the winter because you can layer it up but its nice and bright and girly to!!!

how are your Friday frocks going girls !!??


  1. Wow I love all the colours! The skirt is really nice and that pink coat is just perfect!

  2. Really nice outfit.You do have a good eye for putting things together.Lovely CS finds.
    Have a great weekend! :0)

  3. beautiful :) you certainly have a good eye for a bargain! x

  4. That is one gorg skirt love the colours it looks almost like silk. Looks lovely with the top and i adore that coat ;-)) Have a great weekend, Dee x

  5. That skirt is gorgeous! I love seeing your CS bargains. I'd definitely wear the orange tights - they sound fab. I got a bright pink cardi still with tags for £2 yesterday, and it made me so happy - firstly because it was a bargain, and secondly because it was so bright. Enjoy the colours!!
    Cathy XX

  6. I love all these but I think the skirt is my favourite what great finds and they all match
    xx fee

  7. Hey Charl!

    Just having a catch up on your posts, Dont get on here much theses days!
    Im loving your recent CS finds! You have a good eye.
    I am also loving the Friay froocks thin, LOve your outfits! its nice to see peoples thrifty outfits as well as homes. Think i'll join in with that once I EVENTUALLY get my blog picture issue sorted!
    Anyway, hope you are well,

  8. What a lovely skirt - you are always so lucky with your CS finds!
    I am loving that coral/orangey colour that is out in both clothing and housey bits this year - even though it isnt a colour I would normally choose, I seem to be drawn to it at the moment!