Wednesday, 26 January 2011

shades of grey

well Ive been feeling as grey as the flowers in my hallway this week!!
something that Ive not been able to shake off as quickly as i usually do when i feel low..
but then last night the baby was really poorly.. he was sick in his bed ... was absolutely red hot.. temp sky high.. his body was shaking.. very wheezy chest which is his weakness it was all very very frightening.. so it was a dash to the hospital again.. me making tearful phone calls to my sister convinced he had swine flu . ..
anyways they gave us antibiotics and paracetamol so that we can keep his temp down

today he isn't as bad.. he is still quite warm but no were near the furnace like temperatures he had last night.. * and why is it children wait until late at night be become really unwell ..when they've been running round all day fine !?? *

so from this i have realised that what Ive been feeling low and depressed about is really not as important as my family are to me.. that my family should come first in my life and not let situations get in the way that i cant do anything about but just concentrate on bringing up our boys the best that we can..

so Ive decided that yes life can seem very grey at times but what do you see when you look at my jacket here..

the red stand outs doesn't it... that's what I'm going to do..I'm going to focus on the brightness in our lives !


  1. hope your little boy feels better soon
    love the jacket
    xx fee

  2. Hope he is better soon. Must've been frightening for you.

  3. Ah poor little thing! Been there - know just how frightening it can be. Also, you feel so helpless dont you?!

    They usually say they have to get worse before they get hopefully he is over the worst bit now and on the mend!

    Thats a good attitude! and a lovely jacket!


  4. How scary ~ Hope your little one is feeling better very, very soon. I think your right, it's that 'Glass half full or half empty' thing :0) xxx

  5. Glad he is feeling a bit better! We need the beauty of monochromes in order to appreciate the joys of rainbows!!

  6. Ah, bless your little one - and you. I'm finding the same: that if I focus on what's really important, and really good, in my life, that the things that seem depressing get back into perspective.

  7. Glad your little one is better today. X

  8. I am sorry to hear your little chap is so poorly. I have been feeling the same as you for a few weeks and it really is hard sometimes to shift it and step right back into the light so to speak. But your very right and you should focus on the positive and the goodness in your life, but you are allowed a day off to ;-)) I hope your little chap is feeling better soon. Dee x

  9. So sorry to hear your little one has been so poorly.You can't help but panic in situations like that.Sending lots of get well wishes. :0)

  10. I hope your little one is feeling better soon. Poorly children can be incredibly scary, so I hope you're ok too.

    It sounds like we've both come to the same conclusion lately, keep focusing on those bright bits, no matter how small they may be :) xx

  11. I meet a lot of people every week in my job and lots of them have been feeling the same. Yesterday I was there when a member got the news a friend had been killed in a hit and run. Sure brings it home...I think your post sums everything up, I hope little one is better soon.