Friday, 28 January 2011


After the dreariness of this month and then the bursts of sunshine that we've had alongside it .. i thought i would use as this weeks Fridays frock my sunshine dress!!
i actually tried it on for a laugh when out charity shop hunting with my sister... it was a funny length ..not maxi nor midi just a funny ol length and because of the bright colours it did look rather amusing on me..
but there was a part of me that quite liked this funny old dress and as it was tres cheapo i would buy it anyways..
so i got my mum to cut and hem it to just under my knee and because it is slightly a-line in shape.. although it doesn't show that in the pics.. its rather nice on !
it always makes me smile this dress..( and probably makes everyone else laugh !)..if you're having a bit of a grey day you just cant once you put this ray of sunshine on!!
i love the scarf that came with it.. it makes it feel like it is a quality item aswell..although the fringe is looking like its in need of a tidy up!
i put this with a vintage Jaeger dark green jacket that's part of a suit my sister gave me.. which she bought from a charity shop...
and then my little cute shoe boots from primark.. which look shiny and a bit tacky in the pics but they more of a dull red.. i love the tassells on the back of these.


  1. ooohhhh I love those shoes ;-)) I really like your dress beautiful colour and the way you have teamed it up with the jacket and shoes make it look expensive. enjoy your friday, dee x

  2. Gorgeous dress, lovely colours and pattern. I bet it looks fab on! x

  3. oooh lovely outfit and another really nice jacket I bet you look wonderful in this
    xx fee

  4. You have to love Primark shoes - glam and such a bargain to boot (pun intended!). Fab dress too - I love the colours, and the jacket really finishes the outfit off perfectly.
    Have a happy weekend,
    Cathy XX

  5. You make the best ensembles,i can see you writing your own book one day on how to get the look.
    Love the dress bet it all looks great when your out and about,
    Love Kristina x

  6. Ooh,I LOVE this outfit,the colour combo is gorgeous.I think this has to be my favourite 'Friday frock' so far!

    Have a lovely weekend. :0)

  7. What a pretty dress and gorgeous shoes. xxx

  8. Another lovely outfit! I'm off to the charity shops tomorrow so hope I come back with something!

  9. Lovely dress, the pattern and colour are very cheerful. Have a lovely weekend x

  10. I love it charl :0) Bet you look stunning :0) Big hugs been reading your post, hope little man is much better, makes you very down doesn't it. My little man has hardly been back to school since Christmas, literaly seems to go from one bad chest to another. Though the sun is shining and hopefully spring is in the air.... xxxx

  11. I like your frock! I can see why it makes you smile to wear it, it is very jolly.

    And hey, Primark! I LOVE Primark! Their shoes and accessories are so amazing, I'm really loving everything there at the moment. I saw in Grazia magazine a really gorgeous 50's style skirt, I think it had poppies on it. I assumed it was Prada, but when I looked it said 'skirt, £16, Primark'. Of course when I went in, they didn't have it, so I'll have to keep popping in to see if they get it in, but it will sell out so quickly. It really was that nice.

    Those shoes take me back. Back in the 80's I had a pair of red shoe boots very simiar to those, how I loved them.

    ooh, read your comment. Do you have any pics of your grey hall? I'd love to show hubby, he's so unsure, but I am confident it'll look fab. If he doesn't shut his row, I'll decide on CK wallpaper instead!! ha ha ha! ;o)