Thursday, 27 January 2011

just one quilt

well i bought a quilt cover from the flea market in the summer for something silly like 50p!!

had a funny musty smell so gave it a wash .. and then cut it up to use as material for my doors in the welsh dresser...

still seemed to be quite a lot of material left so just put it back with my fabric stash and basically forgot about it!

then we got this cupboard didn't we off freecycle beginning of December

..which we put in the bathroom... it went in the corner were my washing basket had been..
this was then rehoused in our bedroom...but you know what i know it was only a little thing but it really did my head in!!.. i hated feeling like my dirty washing was on show in our room!!..

couldn't find anywhere to put the basket it just had its natural corner in the bathroom but that was now taken... so i knew it had to go!
decided to make some laundry for us and one for the boys room..did have some fabric but just thought it would be to nice to use for the purpose of smelly socks and dirty school jumpers!..
so i found the old quilt cover and because its gingham on one side and floral on the other it was perfect for both the boys room and ours...

so Ive made pretty big bags because i constantly have the washing machine on and yet theres still always washing.. is it like that in your house??

and you know what .. i still have quite a bit left .. i think its like a magical bit of material that just keeps returning to size when its cut!!..

***thanks for your messages from yesterdays post... the bubs is feeling a lot better than he was.. still full of cold and snuffles but we are just keeping his temperature down and basically trying to get him to chill on the sofa!..hes getting back to his dramatic little self anyways.. the arm against the wall with head in arms in a favourite one of his, usually followed by the words " no mummy!" so i take that as a sign to him getting better!!**


  1. Wow you certainly got your moneys worth out of that gorgeous fabric! Some lovely makes.

    Yes, my washing is just like that. Infact it is like your piece of magic material! Doesnt matter how much I take off the pile it grows again instantly! lol!
    And of course the problem at the moment is getting it dry.

    Glad little-un is on the mend - bless him!

  2. That's gorgeous fabric you've got.

    Glad your little one is on the mend, it's horrible when they're poorly.

  3. Aaaw,bless him! Yes it seems like the washing machine is always on the go doesn't it.Love your wash bags.Great job! ;0)

  4. Love the floral side of that fabric and what great uses you've put it to.

  5. awww bless him, i remember that so well ;-)) Love your bags what a great idea and that flora
    fabric is lovely. I love how you hung the other fabric in the cupboard to it looks lovely and smart. dee x

  6. You're little 'un is soooo sweet! Your house is stunning and I love your makes, very inspiring. Thanks for visiting. xxx

  7. I know exactly where you're coming from. I have three boys and always have stacks of washing. As soon as I do it somebody puts another massive pile in. I love the bags and I think will make some myself to see if that inspires my children to put their dirty washing in instead of piling it up on their chairs. I love looking at your blog and really admire the fact that you get on with things straight away when you decide to do something. I have lots of second hand furniture that I want to paint but never seem to get round to it. Do you think that when your children are a bit older you may start up a business doing up old furniture?

  8. Our laundry multiplies when I'm not looking!,,,,,!!,!,! Sokol annoying! I'm on an iPad and it's doing weirrrrrd things to what I'm typing. That'll teach for me for nicking an iPad!,